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The wild hyper real history of unscripted television. One moment at a time they'll examine how the has changed over time and how the country has changed along with it. Subscribe to spectacle to get the unscripted history of reality. Tv on apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. High only by the ama-. I'm calling about the recent pat ticks of lucy hale and ski which seems to me like a true match made in heaven She's a little older than his most recent girlfriend which means better and she's still very young. But i i should like they could have a lot to talk about they. Both were on archie comics related shows. You're both in one of many different screams so it seems like they have some shared territory I don't know i have. I have my kind of good vibes about this relationship I also it got me thinking about how ski last riverdale last year. Because i think the reason was because he wanted to do other projects which was interesting to me. Because i don't really understand what else she has going on or whether he has more going on than the other adult parents stay on riverdale. I don't know maybe he and lucy hill drug heads. Dad and katy keene can start their own off the other also the way. They got rid of him on the show with deranged His youngest daughter daughter named jelly bean was basically sound out as someone. Like a t. Like it's like a preteen found out that she was creating like blackmail snuff films and terrorizing the whole town so his father logic was that he was gonna move back to ohio where she's from To be closer to her mother gina gershon classic Whose son like drug kingpin and also terrorized everyone so the show makes absolutely no sense and is like onyx but anyway Let's see how skied iraq new power couple. Anyway me inside. We got so many calls but this most of them sounded like this play. Another most of them just sounded like this firing bobby. I was on face today. And i saw that. No my boyfriend's calling me Decline sorry i saw a thing where we see. How scott kissing ski oil-rich What is that about crunch crunch declined by. She's like ignoring her own relationship to comment on this relationship. It's like these two are dating. What the fuck ignores boyfriend. First of all to the first call. I love to be reminded of the way that skied all rich. I mean quit in quotes. He was let quit. The record is that he quit. He was let quinn yes he quit but member. He quit because he quote. Go hold onto your butts. I got bored creatively. That is that's why he left somebody who that's what he liver doesn't say that i mean somebody who was actually quitting doesn't actually say that they say thank you for the amazing opportunity like i'm moving on but you don't say that unless you were fared you don't leave a huge television show. Because you've got bored. Creatively that you take them. Because they're boring creatively and they pay you a shitload of money. That's why you take these shows. You don't take them for creative relevant and also is somebody who recently has Watched riverdale sorry. I can't i mean have there. The other parents are still bopping around town there. Forget something out for the parents. Do kelly ripa's husband is still the big batty. He's still over that fucking show love him. Mark swallows yes. Sorry kelly ripa's husband is what i call him. Who's he's veronica's dad right young. He's the he's essentially like the big villain like he's like now he's trying to de corp the d. he's trying to disband riverdale town. That's like its newest thing you this always happens. Television shows disin- corporate detangle. I don't know the word like yeah. Does this happen often in real life. They're always like a television show. Trope is like breaking the town apart. Because he's like i'm gonna take riverdale apart and then they're all like no we're going to revive riverdell high school by like giving it a bunch of money and becoming teachers there and i'm like why why. Why did you know that's how the show little house on the prairie ends no like a little house on the prairie the yes he gets de will the town gets sold walnut grove and instead of having the new owners of the town like have their stuff. The town comes together and they blow up all the buildings in the town with dynamite. That's how little house on the prairie. And that's crazy. Dis- incorporate is the word it's disin- corporate which is weird. Because you'd think it'd be for related to two companies but it's like you can't disa- corporate a city or a town if you are like financially distressed and then you can maybe integrate with an with a different town like. There's like very it's complicated. It's not really important go ahead. Yours is funnier but the reason this is actually kind of conic. The reason that the show ended yeah with them blowing up the town like literally the buildings that were built for the show which is crazy because it was a set right so they blew up. There was a set literally. Blew it up and this was like one of many The things i know about like i will never watch one division but i will tell you about the ending a little house on the berry. Michael landon was like the rumor is he was like. I don't want to do any more of these reunion movies. Because this was a reunion movie. He had the idea allegedly for this subplot where they blow up the town because a developer buys it so that all of the sets will be destroyed. And he doesn't have to do a little house movie ever again. That isn't it so petting it. That's amazing sue. Do you think it's like he hated it and was like let's let's rightist we've to blow it up and i never. There's no way to know okay about the rumor. Okay but that is real. That's real the show ended and then like they kept coming back for tv. Movie reunion specials. And then he was. Apparently i'm sick of this. We're going to blow up the town. And they rate us apart with the town has to get blown out..

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