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Soccer through high school actually then decided after high school to pursue the hockey rout instead so why hockey uh i just i really i really like it it's it's highly competitive it's it's physical it's it's fun um to something that's grown on me over the years before you came to airport airforce you plated dubuc in your coach was a guy named jim montgomery right 'cause now the coach du yep yeah non montes a good coach on really enjoyed plan for him a first year in view so um lend a lot from him definitely respect him as a coach so it's it's always funda to play them like we did the last four years every year so um that's that's been pretty cool so you come for how'd you how'd you end up at air force um says this is a is a big life decision i guess so it really boils down to a talked to them in high school and i talk to them in juniors little bit and i commend my second your juniors um but i talked to fuel schools but but nothing will head the offerings that the academy did as far as as future goes in and job was so um really really liked the job security aspect and the opportunities presented himself to me so i decided to go with force over a couple other schools out socked route senior defense were until boji boetsch i know the there was there was an adjustment to the military life was a big adjustment as far as the the hockey um i wouldn't say there was a huge jesmond think it's a bigger junk going from high school hockey our aaa ocoee to junior hockey amun from there it's just kind of everyone's a little bigger stronger faster but it's it's kind of the same.

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