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In my brain and body. Good for you Bless. Let me read one more OT 50 for mail in the 55 to 64 category five out of five stars. He's from Canada. He writes Awesome experience. I started taking krill Omega 50 plus about five weeks ago and have nothing but good things to say about it. I'm experiencing more benefits, and I thought possible. The most noticeable is that I feel more mentally alert. I'm finding it easier to get out of bed in the morning. I feel satisfied with 6 to 8 hours of sleep. I wake up with an energy that I haven't felt in a long, long time. You know what? I'm not surprised that these testimonials at all because again, I take this product myself. It's fabulous. My patients love the krill Omega 50. Plus, they feel it in their joints. They feel it in their brain. They feel it in their energy, their circulation. They just feel better. That's what everybody tells me when they go to this krill Omega 50. Plus now, Dr Neil Levin talked for many, if you would about the B 12 energy amounts to this is really an exciting addition. You gave these away in our last krill show as well. And the feedback has been absolutely overwhelming. People simply love the energy, the path the vigor they feel when they have their B 12 levels restored with these, and now purity is going to do it again. So two free bottles here today for the listeners tell us about This? Yeah. Remember, First of all, all the listeners today they pick up the phone and call We're going to get a free bottle of this krill Omega 50, Plus amazing with the krill oil 67% more cruel oil, the high omega three fish oil, boosting those omega three levels so critical for the heart for the skin for the hair for the eyes. On top of that, we added the vitamin D so important, so pure, so pristine. But now the B 12 energy melts. Why are they here? I said the purity. I said, guys, we're dealing with the 50. Plus is here. Even People of 45 50 60 70. They're having more trouble absorbing the B 12 and B 12 is critical. Do you think, b 12 think energy. If your energy is low, and you're in your fifties or sixties? I mean, it may be a B 12 issue. B 12 helps the body to make red blood cells. We need that to carry oxygen to the tissues..

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