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And one of the reasons why i think to you and i a and the coffee movement was put to a hall is because when cobley spoke black listening and the government reaction was neutralization by the coin intel program they want to stop this influential leader so they had the organization infiltrated you gotta remember there was a lot of people that place allegiance to racism and wanted to integrate with the open enemy and you also have to understand malkin's garvey said one thing that was very profound he said that we are a nation of people that is co spot petty differences and there was a lot of people that had differences were markings coffee chime unite and liberate black people hey true indeed thank you family does rahim chabanne's he produced the element for genocide series a real warrior and scholar for people who i mean others just unbelievable uh we did a great episode with him i think it would link three episodes back uh called elementary genocide so definitely check that out in lend your full support to his efforts the brothers and sincere member of our community and dumped touch on a few things in of course meal marcus garvey was the reason why we had kominto profamily so for those of you who don't know the un i the universal negro improvement association was the name of markers garvies organization it was a competing organization to the integrationist organisation the end up alesi p which we know was founded in part by albion's jewish albion's right of so markers garvies movement scared white people.

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