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At VK live everywhere on the I heart radio app and I heart radio regional podcast October sixteenth nineteen seventy two to congressman for the small plane in Alaska the flying into violent weather icy conditions carbons and disappear despite a massive search no they're not mine they're they're never found the case goes cold that is until a young reporter named John wall's act starts standing right in the middle of the porters pass Alaska what he finds is one of the strangest stories you've never heard did he indicate what was in the suitcase he said it was a bomb so join John as he tries to figure out what happened to congressman Hale Boggs and baggage it was a big thing for them to be missing listen to missing in Alaska on the I heart radio app or wherever you find your favorite shows this is Rick Eidelman join me for the personal finance and investment strategies you need right now in this covert nineteen world tune to the Riggleman show Saturday from nine to ten AM right here on K. F. B. K. Sarma gun club would like the public to know that the ranges are now open and operating in compliance with carbon nineteen protocols this requires a lane to be cleaned after each shooter and restrict the number of lines that are operational I don't need a reservation however is strongly encouraged to ensure you have.

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