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Com and you can now do it at home so there's no reason to not lose a significant amount of weight with your help from sort of weight loss if you want to know what sort of all about now is your time to talk to someone so that home is safe with me now state of the art overwhelmed with orders Amazon's been forced to close one of its facilities a worker at an Amazon warehouse in queens New York testing positive for corona virus that is the word from the Atlantic that saying workers at the warehouse received a text message Wednesday night announcing the news of the illness and that the facility would be closed until further notice the news expected to send shockwaves to already jittery customers many of whom have been relying on the online internet giant to provide many of their basic goods and what they thought was the safest way to steer clear of the virus the companies had to office employees at its Seattle headquarters diagnosed with COPD at nineteen but the queen's case marks the first time a warehouse workers affected Amazon's been struggling to meet demand amid the massive surge in orders and it's hiring a hundred thousand new workers to Gaza and fox news traffic controllers presumptive positive corona test forcing McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to close its controlled our last night inbound flights were delayed or diverted for a while waking up this morning on his sixty eighth birthday Harvey Weinstein has a new address transferred to a state prison near buffalo to begin serving his twenty three year sentence for rape and assault while an investigation begins into possible guard misconduct at federal prisons Attorney General William Barr tells the Associated Press the new task force being put together by the justice department will investigate criminal misconduct by officers of the federal bureau of prisons after loaded gun was found in the same jail where billionaire Jeffrey Epstein killed himself facilities they plan to target include that jail the metropolitan correctional center in New York City and comes as jails and prisons nationwide are on high alert in response to the threat of the corona virus all one hundred and twenty two federal correctional facilities have already canceled visitation and stepped up and made screenings and sell cleaning of prisons director was named by Attorney General Barr earlier this month FOX's Tonya J. powers on Jack Callahan this is fox news newsradio KFBK John Cooley and topping Austin's news Austin public health has eleven new drive thru coronavirus testing sites and one thousand new testing kits to go through but also drives got a health official Dr Jason Pickett says people should not just show up out of the blue you do have to be screened we have a limited number of tests are available to us in this area and we have to apply those test bought fully to folks who are at higher risk for complications from the disease for folks who have a high risk of spreading the disease as restaurants were forced to close across the state the Texas restaurant association is sounding the alarm that the impacts will be incredibly large in Austin some say having to wait till may first for any new developments will make planning ahead nearly impossible and amid a shortage of hand sanitizers and masks shelters are working to prevent any spread accrued nineteen among Austin's homeless population city leaders say sanitation kits are being handed out your tail BJ radar weather watch low sixty eight high seventy nine good Austin news.

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