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I've been thinking about the ramifications of this and it's just not something that computes in my brain. You know, you're thinking, okay, what if Derek Carr is a season like this or someone, you know, guys that can really start shuffling the pieces in the dominoes. But like, you know, okay, what if Geno Smith is like the 12th best quarterback in the NFL? What happens? Like, that has big time ramifications. You're Ben mcadoo fanfic, really just takes on a whole life of its own at this point. The alternate universe where he gets Gino Smith as his starting quarterback and things end up okay with a giants. Ran up against the Manning cabal in that one. And just they shut big bend down and Gino and they had, this was what it was supposed to look like giants fans, but instead but yeah, ugly game, which has been a giant's trademark at that point, but boy like we talked about. There are some young players on this team that are playing extraordinarily well. And you can't be upset, I think it's 6 and two if you're them, right? I mean. This is so much better than you thought you were going to be. You're getting some decent plays out of some out of some of these younger guys. They're playing bigger than themselves and Daniel Jones doesn't look like a clown out there. You know, I think everything looks like every Sunday it looks like a professional football game. And that's really good. That's important to say right now. Again, we don't have to play this game with every team, especially the Giants, but I'm sure we'll play it a few more times this year, but you know, when you were coming to the season, if it was like, okay, here's the Giants rosser. Oh, also like kaderi Tony's gonna be a complete non factor and they're gonna trade them for draft picks later. Also Sterling shepherd's gonna tear his ACL Kenny gallaudet is still gonna be complete non factor. It's gonna be basically Darius Leighton David sills and just a bunch of street free agents. Marcus Johnson, like guys of that ilk, you'd be like, I don't know, that's a four win team. And it'd be like, well, what if they went 6 and 11, you'd be like, oh, it's a nice year for Brian table. And they're sitting at 62 right now. They could lose out. And it would still be like, yeah, I don't know, this was still better than reasonably you could have expected. Yeah, I completely agree. I mean, a lot of times that I pick records, you know, you think about, oh, well, you know, would a coach not take offense to it because I don't really care, but like coaches and teams do read this stuff. Our. Predictions are red, Gary. I'm just gonna let you know that. They are red, people are taking note. But and sometimes I'm like, ah, if that guy saw that, do you think he'd be mad? And honestly, like I thought about it. I picked the giant single 5 and 12 this year. And I was like, yeah, I mean, I think they'd be pretty excited about that.

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