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Von Miller, Chris Ayers discussed on Drive Time Sports


They got it right I I do think that they got the all decade team correct with the guys that they chose and well deserved honors for both von Miller and Chris Ayers story number two you can get a real good operative real good receiver in day two of the draft where there is a big downs downfall between you know that that this is the third tackle in the draft or tackle that you're gonna be able to potentially get in the top of it in the middle round one and he opted to tackle that you're gonna get the second day of the draft that was our resident draft analyst's Tony Pauline from pro football network and the draft analysts on the bleep podcast network you join me in our number one telling you what and I give Tony credit he's been talking about this for awhile but this is what I continue to say and why so many people and as much as I love Jake Caden he got me triggered because he was on Twitter earlier retweeting a video of Henry Ruggs and said this is why the Broncos need to draft him and I love Jake but I had him so I had to set him straight and I've been hearing this stuff coming out of Denver for weeks why in the world is everybody talking about the Broncos taking a wide receiver at fifteen how can the Broncos go another season with Kerr bowls at left tackle you are trying to develop drew lock now how well I'll turn it this way on you I'll turn it this way on you I will allow for the possibility that a wide receiver should be taken over the tackle no I don't think I'll even do that I don't think I'll even do that I was gonna say I would allow for the possibility how bout this I'll change my tune and say that the Broncos you go with a wide receiver and I won't rip John Elway on April twenty third when he takes a wide receiver over tackle if he goes out and gets cam Newton I will make that trade for with you here's my thing if we're not going to help the development of drew lock in the best way possible which is giving him someone to protect his blind side ensuring up that offense of line allowing air balls to move inside thank you judge should bail on it all together and go get Camden if you're not going to do what is most important to help out your locks development they just don't worry about it and go get cam Newton I'll be happy either way but if you're sticking with drew lock and you're trying to make the argument of what will help him develop into a successful quarterback in the NFL you can not say that at tackle should not be taken over a wide receiver I like Henry Ruggs I think he's going to be a very good NFL player but if Henry Ruggs is on the Denver Broncos he is the second option in the passing game pretty good second option damn good second option but the second option Courtland Sutton is the number one receiver if Andrew Thomas or Tristan words or Giedroyc wells are taken by the Denver Broncos they immediately become the most important one man on the team in arguably the third most important player maybe even second through Oct von Miller the tackle you take at fifty it is much more important for the Denver Broncos to get a left tackle and I think one will be available maybe not sure still worse but a major Thomas Giedroyc wills one of those guys will go down and you are Tony stated our number one he's got four tackles that are rated higher on his board then any of the wide receivers because of how important they are to the success of an NFL team left tackle no matter what put it on a notecard putting your pocket like Kevin Costner draft day that has to be the pick and go ahead and trade up a couple slots if you have to do it go ahead you won't miss the extra third round pick that you have package it up move up a couple of pics get in front of Tampa move up four picks in go ahead to Oakland I'm sorry Vegas whatever you guys do go get it go get a tackle much better decision than going after a wide receiver I story number three today is the untimely demise of Michael Porter junior in the NBA two K. tournament what a hype surrounding Michael Porter as there always is I thought for sure he beat the Denver Nuggets I thought he had to be the Denver Nuggets he was not you get a paycheck eight teams you can only play with a team once which is a dumb rule why would you make that rule and Michael Porter allegedly was gonna use the nuggets in the championship you told Devin Booker on ESPN's coverage saving the nuggets for the chip you don't do that you put your best foot forward and Michael Porter's real intentions were put out there just like in real life every NBA player wants to be lebron wants to play with lebron even if it's on a video game he picks the Lakers Devin Booker page takes the box because there's no way in hell Devin Booker is playing with the Phoenix Suns and almost said as much Michael Porter loses he's done it's always buy a viewership of the NBA two K. tournament very disappointed in the decision making by Michael Porter junior rookie mistake go with the nuggets put yourself in the line up show Michael Malone what a successful nuggets team looks like with Michael Porter junior in the starting five opportunity missed five two two nine eight seven two your thoughts on the three stories that are driving the show coming up next our bus draft continues the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the clock why Janus Winston is not the worst cornerback number one pick one player in the history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers there was somebody that surpasses Janus Winston but his game is Wednesday in one of the four biggest busts in bucs history will discuss next on action sports thirteen under from.

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Von Miller, Chris Ayers discussed on Drive Time Sports

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