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Is in Tuscaloosa, and you are next. How you today, sir? I tell you these interviews are a near the top with some years, aren't they Paul? I thought the saving Nemeth one two punch was as good a beginning to the show. We've ever had it's up Keiko. We watch lost a lot. I know what's going back. But I want to say something about Nemeth if I could Paul absolutely anyway, somebody Oreta was come out next mission game. Religion feel Joel night with the plan. Boston patriots blade rather to me, and my brother and my cousins, gang and some cat run out and Millfield got football. They made a bad mistake, buddy. He got hit member where they got that football back, but a Broadway. Joey throwing that ball that bomb beds. Like, it's falling off the table. That's great all the greatest time wherever hey, don't you? There was a time. My dad would take me to we would get an exhibition game every year. I mean that was a big deal, but not now nobody wants to get caught near a preseason game because they are mostly a colossal waste of time. Greg is up next, Greg? Thanks for the call good afternoon. Good afternoon. Paul thanks for taking my call. I thought the Joel Namus interview was really a compelling when he talked about the what it took to finally get him to realize he had a problem in start turning his life around. And it's amazing. When you hear people do that any walk of life because oftentimes what we hear in a lot of people is the opposite. They never get to that point. And then they die at earlier age, and we miss out on their contributions life and their families, miss them. And I just thought it was nice that Joe was able to get help and continue on to be able to tell his story because. Would have been a different story twenty years ago. If he tried to write that book, then yeah, no, listen, I've been around Joe quasi times lately. Not this your today. But in in in the last few years, and it's it's fascinating to see him. Because he's he's still to me Greg the same guy that he was back then but to listen to him today bear, his soul and do it willingly. He did that to help people. I think I believe he has a new purpose to try to. And he didn't he didn't. He doesn't need the money. Didn't did do this book for the fame. I think he did it to let people know that even even Joe Namus fell down as far as anyone can go. Yeah. And I I agree. And I remember watching that broadcast when that incident with Suzy kolber, and it was just kind of surreal at the moment. And then to realize what was going on and. There. There was a documentary about him at come out somewhere around that same time. And in a realize that you know, whatever he was wrestling with he still hadn't been able to conquer it. And it's a day to day struggle that he acknowledged today that he has to live with. But now he's got help and support and he's on upward trajectory. And I just think it's inspirational when you know, people of anyone can tell their story and live to tell it. Thank you. Greg ready to appreciate it. Why Nita is up next one eight a good afternoon? Welcome to our sheriff cry. Good acne into you. I won't kill this been best poker? Mccue fe. Thank enjoyed hearing from coach saving and Joe Namus wonder if mealy was released in a hoax. I I hope so too. But it was good and I'm Albina fan and stay in roll tide. Bevy paul. Thank you so much nicer to call Mike enjoy. Joe you're on the Air Guard ahead, Mike. Okay. Paul. I was just wondering since I hadn't seen you show in a couple of days. Would you go on? What did you think about that situation then in Gainesville wear their top recruit from last year? The cornerback has entered the transfer portal before he didn't play the game. I think it's a terrible look Mike for the school..

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