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Down michigan fortitude to thirteen it was fourteen nothing very early penn state michigan rallied who is twenty one thirteen at the half penn state with real critical touch down there right before halftime barkley hundred two rushing yards in the first quarter finishes with three total touchdowns barkley becomes the first player in school history with three thousand rushing yards and one thousand receiving yards there at penn state he was fabulous tree smith show with three touchdowns as well they have won sixteen consecutive regular season games avenging last year's loss to miss she again they have not lost a regular season game sits last year's loss to michigan next up let's hit up us and notre dame he thought well this other ranked on ranked match yup got both of these games kicking off the same time how we can watch both of these kids what both ended very earth they truly did notre dame josh atoms it's time to discuss not only notre dame's potential playoff team but josh atoms is a heisman trophy contender shotguns to wimbledon straight ahead oh another thanks to notredame img network there as josh atoms roles it up tonight four notredame notredame gets the win it puts down u s e forty nine to fourteen and he wasn't even that close josh adams was terrific in this gave you wondered we talked about on the cavs conversation podcast early in the week that this would could be a game for josh adams to get himself the heisman trophy conversation.

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