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Our story to date begins in the four west northern California specifically it also incorporates not just to make sure it's D. but a a nother pop culture phenomenon Star Wars where do you could you come down on the Star Wars fan thank you for it again it I'm for it I'm I'm and then I'm not one of those people who feels that you must choose between either Star Trek or Star Wars I think they both have their merits hello there free what because they're in space and they have star in the name we have to make a choice we have to choose allegiances that's ridiculous it feels a little it feels a little bit falsely dichotomous to me are you revelar empire you know it's tough to make that call because having watched the films the rebels are all right always the protagonist right so an empire basically a bunch of fascist men very much into uniforms and conformity so I guess I would say a rebel but really if I were existing in the Star Wars universe all I would want to do is use the force get my medical orients up you know what about what it what about you where would you well hello obviously rebel it seems like a very unpopular decision to be empire but people do choose that allegiance and then the fan community many of you may know our compatriot Holly fry from is that he was in history class also by the way plug host of a cool show I'm working on with her called drawn the story of animation which is a partnership with cartoon network's answer really find kind of love letter to all things animation anyway Holly the biggest Star Wars fan you could ever imagine I'm serious use your imagination think of the biggest our stance take it up a couple clicks from there you got Holly fry she has a a rebel tattoo she makes all our own clothes pretty much all of it is Star Wars themed and when she over heard band you and I talking about the connection between Sasquatch and a certain wiki her eyes lit right up true there is a connection now fans of Star Wars you will recall chew baka of course Janet or in the throat really does close let's play a clip it's better as always seeing bokeh is a walkie a whole Harry by peta and also intelligent a sentient being he is best known as the friend first mate cosmic road trip buddy of Han solo and he is the co pilot on the famous spaceship the millennium falcon he's also super duper tall very tall seven foot plus yeah and you know it took a super duper tall human to fill that super duper talk costume a British man by the name of Peter Mayhew yes Peter Mayhew who might be unfamiliar to people or casual Star Wars fans I wouldn't say that either of us we're we're super producer Paul are people who can quote exact moments to know all the can and I wouldn't super super fans but we're fans right you know yes are working on the move LCS in all of them yeah and I'll probably watch me again and I'll say it in real life I'm I'm a very nice compassionate person with a lot of empathy but I think the sister cool wow don't you may do this other cool Darth Vader is like the most memorable part of the first few movies six true also played by a very tall man is actually quite appropriate for today's episode how may Hugh found himself in this role in London back around the time the Star Wars was going into preproduction he was part of a profile that a London reporter did on people with big feet which is insane when you think about a funny originally he wasn't supposed to be Tripucka originally I believe George Lucas was hoping to get a body builder named David Prowse to play the role but Prowse choose to play Darth Vader and we should say Mayhew despite having a peak height of seven feet three inches or two and twenty one centimeters each he is does not suffer from gigantism you know like Modelo had one now yeah he just a just a big fella he does however have a condition called Marfan syndrome which is a genetic disorder of connective tissue and often that can lead to people having extraordinary heights yeah and I'll often very skinny you know the band Deerhunter the singer and Atlanta bands fantastic singer Bradford **** has Marfan syndrome used quite tall and lanky the other guy talking with played Darth Vader he said he wanted to put out there because the thought villains were more memorable and the funny thing is to he didn't realize his voice was gonna be is a little bait and switch on him and may he also not his voice the voice of Jim Baca that sound we heard a minute ago is comprised of like a bear well walrus and several other animals and combine to make that super cool sound but today's story didn't take place until the third and I'm I'm ninety count on that he's supposed to it's like I said in order of listed in order of release that's let's do it that way just keep it easy yeah the third Star Wars movie released that was the return of the jet I which was the first star who to feature if I'm not mistaken and Star Wars fans please just just come at me saying no don't be kind he can give it to me be kind to me with your light sabers I'm with everyone to make sure the the little guys the little furry he walks and they occupied the they're they're forced to ours the forest of indoor yes return of the Jedi knight nineteen eighty three in the building you'll remember of course that Chewbacca is one of the characters who visits indoor and he is he has a nice reporter with he walks being that they are both furry and lovable despite their size difference but the story we're examining doesn't take place in front of the cameras while they were rolling you see where they were shooting the scenes for the force of indoor in a state park what was I see parking it is the tall trees redwood Grove located in the redwood national and state park in Humboldt County and when was this area has a nother notable thing about aside from being the a side of Star Wars filming it is also known as an alleged hot spot for one of the most famous cryptids in the United States big foot achei the Sasquatch a KA the yeti achei a swamp ape but that the calls one paper Florida skunk ape skunk ape that's another one that's another one yeah llama wool snowman in the Himalayas and the Sasquatch citing or Sasquatch hunting was popular enough in this region and remains popular enough in this region today that the filmmakers were worried that shoe baka or Peter might get shot or harassed were attacked because in big foot country there is a seven plus foot tall creature that is Harry that is wandering around and they said well you know that's kinda gonna mess up filming for us we don't have in getting shot what's that cool word the first five dollar word for being hairy here's to love that yeah sorry it's love that word I yes so they didn't have it in the script for in him to be shot by big foot hunters but they had to make the movie anyway the show must go on so what did they do well according to Mae Hugh himself this is something of a sort of a Star Wars fan community urban legend which is interesting considering it surrounds a a big foot story was well that he had kind of a detail sort of a protection squad if you will that were decked out in brightly colored jackets like vests you know like you've seen me on a crossing guard Vester or even hundreds these kind of that's so they can be visible in the forest and can keep from shooting each other in the obviously not creatures of the woods must your Dick Cheney that apparently does not read for Dick wolf boy I used to know I don't think that's too soon that's that's not too soon that's it is because that's what's really but it's a great example of how easily accidents can happen well hunter hunting yes specially if you know your mistaken for a potentially dangerous predator or the target of your hunt rates because people genuinely believe that this creature while elusive does exist somewhere right and they want to everybody who believes it wants to be the first person to find it he's going to kill it you think it's unit with a dart or something yeah that's that's the thing because when we discover new animals are re discover animals are previously thought to be extinct it's a real tragedy to find out that they were still alive when you've killed one writer you've killed the last one of two or three there's there's another reason here I know this sounds like maybe they were being over protective of Chewbacca even though it's an understandable thing to have this that this detail something else happens in nineteen sixty seven in Humboldt County that both fueled the search for this cryptid end I think added some credibility to the fear that you're baka might be attacked and that is a film you talking about the famous Patterson game one film yep the famous Patterson gin length film which was shot in nineteen sixty seven along side bluff creek that's about twenty five miles north west of Orleans California in Humboldt County and this film which is named after the the guys who shot it Roger Patterson and Robert Bob gambling this film is so iconic that if you are a dyed in the wool true believer of big foot or your an absolute skeptic E. D. either way no matter how you feel about the allegations of this of this gigantic creature existing you have seen this footage you can go on you tube and see countless Jules documentaries countless TV shows and countless damage were documentaries attempting to analyze this what a little less than one minute of footage of this large hairy looking thing walking yeah I mean you see from behind and it it it looks good although the same time it's sort of like you know when was this sixty seven sixty seven I mean you know much about her costume it looks a lot like the Chewbacca gusting wind a lot like it this is the yeah absolutely does because the big differentiation is the big differentiation between the parents of Chaka and the appearance of this creature in this film or only discernible from a closer distance sure and my question for you then as I what's the backstory behind this film like how what gives it weight like why why why are people still kind of thinking that this with these people had no reason to like fake it we can yeah we can look a little bit into the origin of that film itself to Patterson read an article about big foot in a magazine in nineteen fifty nine magazine called true magazine and then she visited love creek in nineteen sixty two so several years before the film they they caught this film or made this film right so he was he was already kind of in search of Sasquatch yeah a little bit like the two nations the saw yeah according to the author Mary Ann please win Patterson arrive to love creek he talked to tons of people who believed in big foot and said Hey it's out here not only is it out here I can show you some stuff about it I can show you some evidence and so in nineteen sixty four he returned any medic and impact graves who drove him to layer dip meadows and that's where according to this story he solves fresh tracks fresh big foot tracks and he thought it would be an amazing scientific breakthrough if he could obtain evidence that these were not hoaxes but the mark of an unknown human like creature interesting I think for me it would be a lot more believable if you just happen to be some Rando out in the woods with this camera that caught the thing you know right like out of candy yeah and their their filming their kid making a set hands for the left I'd buy that much more than this guy he was sort of had a result he was after and a reason to to want to be the guy you know yeah here's here's the thing he was constantly ridiculed for this search and she was always running short on money he founded the single the northwest research foundation and use that to get funding for these big foot searches any conducted several expeditions but he also had a financial motivation is probably the best way to put it in sixty six he published a paper back about the search and he added the income from that to the income from his lectures he ostensibly to just too fun not Kerr their searches but that's a tough call to make but you know what then but this area is just lousy with these kinds of reports in general this humble area and the.

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