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Was just too on the nose for me. Where I just had a hard time like, okay, you know, you're going to force feed us this message. Yeah. I can learn for myself if I like trees. It's a quote Chelsea way back in the way back in episode 5. We have three or 5. It's a classic. It is, yes, going all the way back. But also, it's like Disney just in the last ten years has just done really well at being a mass producer of giant frying pans. They want to hit you over the head with a message with. So yeah, there we go. Yet another one. Yet another frying pan for your tool belts. So it was a frying pan at the beginning and the food looked delectable. I really liked that they were using butter. I'm sure it was vegan butter, but I'm very much a fan of animal fats because they're very good for your body. Posed to vegetable oils, which are industrial waste that is very highly inflammatory. So he was using butter and then he put that bread on the pan. It was cooking. And then you had the egg, I was like, I like this. So I was a fan. I want to go make some of that right now. The avocado is like, oh, good, healthy fats. Yes. Yes. Yes. So, Chelsea, what would you rate it? This is what a fun discussion. Yeah. Being in person, I feel different about it. A totally different vibe. Yeah, I like it. We've discussed this before many times of every time we do something interesting. We're like, wow, this is so much better. This is so much better and then we're like, oh, logistics. In fact, life. Yeah. Here we go. Okay, so what would you rate this film? I mean, two and a half stars really, it's not something I feel like I'm gonna go back to, it's not something that I feel like I really got any good vibes per se out of it. It was more just like, I just kept seeing the message. And maybe that's just me and I'm just like, oh, hi. Hypersensitive. It might just be me. And so I'm just like, ugh, I don't wanna the message. And so you just see it all over, and I just, I have a hard time with it. And so that's really one of my main reasons why I felt like they did a good enough job of trying to create a cohesive story as far as character driven. And I appreciated the character driven aspects of it and trying to create the family dynamics and I can get behind that. But just my overall sitting vibe of like, what would I give this? I give it a meh. So two and a half. All right. I've said many times on this podcast. One word that describes this movie is disjointed from the character designs where it feels like from where in Sony land hotel Transylvania and then Raya, like they didn't even combine and had a baby. They just like came together and they're two separate Kingdom Hearts, you know? Yes, exactly. They're all together. You know, it all makes sense at the end, but there's some movies where that totally works. But the problem was I didn't like being confused at what I was watching instead of being immersed into the story. You know, there's some movies where oh, wow, like the big, you know, 6th sense thing at the end. It's like, oh, that all makes sense. You know, they were all dead. He's no he said. The whole time. You know, and like watching the movie, you're not weirded out or just confused. And I felt I was confused. I didn't, the strange world itself is like the low point of the movie for me. Just it was weird. And then we have like the farmer aspect and the adventurer explorer aspect and the energy source. And the things alive is in its turtle. And it didn't feel like a Disney movie at all. Having watched this and you're looking back. Yeah, it's like, this was an animated movie for sure. If you would have said, okay, you watch the trailer or even watch the movie what studio is this? I would never have told you Disney. You know, so take it early for what it is, but I won't be taking my family to see this, just simply because I think it's too over their heads. It's going to be just the kids are they are little. Where's frozen? They need they need ice. They need powers. They need Olaf. I really understand the psychic character, you know? Yeah. I mean, we had our blob splat, but it's a little different. Excuse me, our magic carpet. So why don't we always do this? Always do the same thing, but I was thinking three, two and a half, and that's really where I'm feeling. Right now is that it's a two and a half film, which I don't think I've ever given a Disney film with two and a half, maybe black cauldron. I think we give that one like one. Okay, good. Don hall, I think he was around back then too. And maybe the animation department, but I think that was there. Oh yeah, yeah. So I don't know, I feel bad. I didn't have a good time. There were moments, for sure. But at the end, looking back, I'm like, okay, yeah, I saw that and I'm good. And I wouldn't recommend it. I know people are gonna see it for sure. Yeah, you know, people are, you know, Thanksgiving. And there's gonna be a family. There's gonna be a lot of people who really love it. Yeah, for sure. And so we also are, you know, way looking into things as far as the message and this. And hypocritical, not necessarily in a bad way, but that's just like what you do on a podcast. So about movies, but yeah, it'll be interesting to see how this does. Uh huh. You know, the last, it's interesting. We had Raya, which kind of, which basically was a flop, in my opinion, as far as box office, but the reason why box office, but also just as far as a movie goes, it just didn't people don't like it. And then I had in kanto which just was out of this world crazy. You know, so I'm trying to look back, you know, what made in canto different obviously live Manuel Miranda and his songs, the song is so catchy and just had so much to do with it. There were a couple points in time where I felt like this really could have used songs. We got one song at the beginning. At the beginning, but there should have been an I want song where you know comes out. You know where they have this mobile where they come together and they kind of did. Yeah, so they're moments where they could have made this a musical thing. And I think that it might have helped in some ways. Yeah, and I know that they were wanting to do it that way. You know, you think of think hanto and its mirabel story. You know, there's the family all around them. Whose story do you think this was? Searchers. Yeah. But at the same time, they also wanted it to be Ethan. Yeah. And I guess that works. Yeah. We have all three of them. The grandpa, but he's kind of not a he's just like a secondary character almost. Like he's a main character, but compared to those two. Definitely more secondary. Yeah, I think it's searcher story. Okay. But maybe not? It is searcher story. I think it's such a story and he's the only one that he's going to tell you. He's the tie to the dad and the son. And he has to learn to accept the sun for his decisions and what he wants to do. You know, go following in his dad's footsteps, which he doesn't like, and also not repeating his dad's yes. So messy. Family relationships. So messy. So there you have it. Let us know what your thoughts are for this episode of the animation addicts podcast and specifically this movie strange world. This was been a very interesting one. I'm very, this is so fresh. I don't even know

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