U. S. Ivana Trump, Stefan, U. S. discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


To come up with new plans for dealing with the protests to which Liberal Party vice chairman Alan who says com must come first it's more than concerned that is our people there's no doubt there's huge social upheaval which is on the scene before at the as such volume and frequency we had the demonstration yesterday with a hundred sixty thousand people on the opposite side supporting the police certain courting following orders meanwhile Hong Kong will dig out of the debris and destruction at alleged co Iran says it has surpassed its nuclear enrichment limits covered under the nuclear agreement U. S. secretary general spokesman Stefan to Jeric says it must stop is essential that this issue like other issues related to the implementation of the plan be addressed through the mechanism established by the J. C. P. O. A. M. Bloomberg's Phil Farris says if the deal falls apart if that happens what the European nations would really be obligated to re impose some sanctions that they're trying to avoid doing so it puts a lot of pressure on Europe to come up with a solution very quickly or risk the entire agreement falling apart the US of course continues to put sanctions on Iran well a video released by the office of the president of France showing presidential daughter U. S. Ivana trump trying to insert herself into a conversation with a manual across on Theresa may and Christine Lagarde has now gone viral and has gotten a reaction that that France did not expect that now you'll hear Makran may in a vodka trump here the audio is not great.

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