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Fine actor he does. He does comedy he does drama. He's currently starring. Picture calls the last resort and it is falling obscene new movie called I. I'm going to get the name that trump ish charges I as. Hda or they'll be right with Warren Beatty. Dustin often travels and good circles. But you welcome Charles Grodin. What are your frowning at? My outfit in front of outfit frowned at something. You're going to start on this. You were frowning. I I know you for quite a long time right. This is the longest professional relationship I've ever. This is the longest relationship I've ever had longest relationship I've ever had sure it's supposed to be worn. I the only reason I was thinking. Maybe they supposed to be worn in. I don't know about that I I. I thought that when I looked in the mirror after I put it on. I said I thought when they sold it. They said you're supposed to wear the you can wear it any way you want out because I look better. With a matter within your. I think I'll have to clear the air first of all because the last time I was on yes. I remember vividly. Yes I and you mentioned it when I saw you in the makeup room and you said GonNa attack you again tonight and what happened was the last time I was here. I asked you who you were and Who Your friends were and what you want out of life. I spent my time number. I had a lot of people. Thought that was vicious and I of course meant out of curiosity but I'm sure you've got a lot of male and I got a lot of comments. I had behaved very badly towards you all by asking those kind of questions who is Johnny. Carson was considered like an unfair vicious question Lighted know how to answer that right. That's that's why it was considered. Sorry I touched your. I was taken back. I didn't know how to answer that it was. You wouldn't think someone. Who are you know cripple you.

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