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At 9. Check your local listings at D.C. news now dot com. WTO's traffic and whether on the aids back to Dave dill dine in the WTO traffic setting. Burnsville toward Columbia, northbound drivers on route 29 who are sitting still the longest are now slowly moving past the crash on the bridge at the county line, getting by single file to the right, having waited for more than half an hour. Authorities expect to have both lanes open soon. Meantime, not good, northbound on 29 out of Montgomery county toward the patuxent. In district in the district outbound across the at a Costa river bridges, it is very slow now 6 95 eastbound to go southbound and I two 95 delays lead to a new crash after the suitland Parkway near the south capital street exit. It is slow outbound on suitland Parkway from the Douglas bridge. There is a work zone in suitland Parkway at Stanton road. We had the crash on New York avenue at the at Acosta river. That is clear, but we have not yet cleared the delays. Traffic is still quite slow through fort Lincoln on South Dakota avenue. It's better on 50 out of D.C.. Getting slow at the bay bridge, wind warnings are posted in Virginia. The crashes we had on I 66 earlier in the hour all appear to be on shoulders. Volume delays will linger and should be clearing a crash on route one southbound at high level valley. I think they get all the lanes open at buckman road. Lido pizza square because lido pizza never cuts corners, lido pizza has been a local favorite since 1955. Order online, lido pizza dot com. Dave dildy and WTO traffic. Storm team four meteorologist Amelia Draper has our forecast. We're in for a cold night on this Tuesday gusts up to 30, 35 miles an hour throughout the evening hours with temperatures this evening mainly in the 40s

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