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Here comes Duke the other way Barrett down the middle doesn't pass takes it to the rack mystery shopping folding follows home with a flush nice work by Bolden sticking with the play put back marquees Bolden, eleven points, nine boards, seven blocks his second career double digit scoring game. And it's the most blocks. Everybody a Duke player since Sheldon Williams had. Seven back in two thousand six Duke rallies. Dupe rather beats Auburn seventy eight seventy Jewish your final match number one verse number eight earlier today in semi final number one here at the Maui, Jim Maui invitational. Give credit to Auburn. They wander round in the second half despite being down by as many as seventeen in the first half. So do kids advance to the championship game. And they're trying to set up with the Gonzaga win tonight only the second ever top three matchup in Maui invitational history. The only other top three matchup was back. When number three Duke beat the number one team in the land in one thousand nine hundred seven ironically at that point in time, then number one team was Aruna. Arizona was trying to spoil the party in doing a pretty good job of it. In the first half, second half, not so much one other note guys Lipscomb tonight yard me Lipscomb. They went on the road and upset eighteenth Eighteenth-ranked TC. Let's get its first ever win against the team. That was ranked in the AP poll, they do it tonight in Fort Worth. Let's finish it out for the second semi-final, Maui, Jim Maui invitational. Once again of Malcolm Huckabee, here's marquess shirt. All right, Kevin. How about that? From Lipscomb we pet in pulling off a wins in the early season. And we nearly had Arizona and there's still time, but they're down ten with three and a half minutes to go. Zach Norval missed his first shot of the second half and was over nine. He has hit five of his last seven fourteen of his seventeen points coming in the second half, huge for this forty two in the second, and they definitely needed. And after that first half they had they needed to get some life, and he has been the guy knocking down shots for them in the second half. All right. So Brandon Randolph had a circus basket in a foul and converts on the three point play with three and a half to go. So Arizona's within nine plenty of time left. Duke waiting four thirty. Eastern tomorrow on ESPN radio are championship game. And here comes Josh Perkins into the front pass to Norville L bounce it on the other side of the left wing back to Perkins whose rise to the top back to nor- bell is dangerous from five feet beyond the arc swingset into the corner. Kiss bird using all the shot clock over the Perkins with eight Perkins a deep three that won miss is. It's an offensive rebound for Clark whose puts it back up in. Heads up play by Clark knowing that he had a point blank layup. Now, he was contested though, it back out. That's a heads up. Play. In a big bucket was a killer for Arizona. And now I really had an ripped away by Perkins down low Turkey and driving early. Lost the dribble gives it to Norville Gonzaga can use clock here with two thirty nine to go Norville Perkins, and he'll settle it down was still twenty to shoot. Sixteen second chance points per Gonzaga tonight over the doorbell. He shoots and misses a left-wing three. Lease got the rebound with two twenty left. I'll go to Coleman to accelerate spins down the lane hangs at knocked away by Clark, Arizona, keeps it layup. Leah's good Arizona within nine. Thirteen and counting, and they mount the comeback blowing a thirteen point lead to the number three team in the land, Gonzaga. Stags fans. Cheers, we go under two minutes to play hotch Merle up to the circle. Sends it out to novellas double team. And it goes off the foot of Brandon Williams and skyrockets about ten rose into the crowd. It'll be out of bounds. Shot clock reset to twenty one fifty six left on the.

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