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Way. You think about food today we're going to talk about when we go to our doctor's office. You ever walk out of your doctor's office and go, huh? Like what Just happened there. We all know that we see all the drug reps coming in and out with junkie food. And who knows what else they get from these drug raps as far as you know. Do they? They're not supposed to get kickbacks. But there are several websites out there that show what about of money Doctor sketch from different prescription companies, So it's happening one way or another. It's probably semantics. I'm sure they're doing it in a legal way. Um, but the thing is, is that we are not getting all the answers we want from our doctors. A lot of the time. And here's the thing. It's not a no brainer. It's probably not a surprise to you that doctors, especially these older doctors, they have no zero to almost very little or very little to almost zero nutrition knowledge. You know nothing about food, sensitivities, food, allergies, or, um, you know, so we have allergies. We have sensitivity. And we have diseases right, like celiac disease, where it's an actual disease of the auto immune system, which we could talk more about later in the shop, and then we have sensitivities. Which does not mean you're going to have an allergic reaction. However, it can affect almost every system. There is no may not affect all the systems like the neurological system, the G I system, your skin, etcetera, but it can affect one or more of those systems, for instance. When I did the on what they call the week sensitivity test. I found out that I do have a sensitivity to quote in. And now whenever I I sneak a little booty in I get all kinds of excitement on my skin. Once I've taken the glow and out, So there are some people that think that this whole bloomin thing is just a fad. I'm here to tell you this a lot of facts out there about nutrition. But the more knowledge that we have this more information is always better. And we're going to continue to grow that information because the micro ray technology is just getting better and better and better to hone in on exactly what foods and our supplements we should or should not be consuming. And we could do that through genetic testing genome casting. We could do that through week. They call it Zoomer like you're zooming into exactly what you are sensitive to. You could do a food sensitivity. You could do a week sensitivity. If you think you kind of know, like I think I might have a theory Sensitivity. We could do a dairy sensitivity. That's how far we have come in this world of the nutritional sciences. The micro array technology is real, and it is here and it's healthy people. Now I know some of you are going to say well. You know if it's not covered by my health insurance, I don't want to do that. Well, you should probably change the channel because here's the thing. I want people to be their own healthcare advocates. I don't want people to sit around and wait for their doctors to, um, send them somewhere. Because half the time what they're gonna do is they're going to send you to a specialist like a G. I doctor and the GI doctors. Thank God for them. They could tell us that we do not have cancer. We do have cancer, and hopefully it's only stage one and we could do something about it, You know? They were holding into like colon cancer, for example, and they do other things. To her example of they could detect Barrett's esophagitis, which is pretty cancerous. If you have an endoscopy, so they're great at doing that stuff, but they're not so great. Yeah, well at knowing about food, sensitivities, food allergies and what different kinds of these sensitivities air out there? They don't often They don't believe in lake we got when there's tons of science based evidence on it very few of the some of the G. I doctors, I'll tell you the truth. They do have dieticians in their office that they can refer to, But here's the thing. Those dietitians. Are not functional nutritionists and they're just going to give you like the thought Matt or the elimination diet, which is so old school at this point, so Long time ago. I think it was in 2008. I started to think. How can I like help? More people? What can we do here to get the word out about the fact that you know the big weight loss Cos is an $80 billion a year industry and weight watchers probably has it in their plan so that you are just going to ruminate about food, and then you lose the weight and then go back to them. When you gain all the way back. She will. Because their system is archaic and their system is not holistic, like they say on the commercials, and they insulted our intelligence when they tried to get over. A win for you involves with weight watchers, the poster child of Yo Yo dieting. Why, I mean, we could look at Oprah for a myriad of reasons to look up to her, but it's certainly out of her lane when we're talking about weight loss, and everybody knows it. And Weight Watchers stock. It's falling so quickly. You wouldn't believe that And so it's just really, really sad. So we watch your study. Craig. It's all about to be us. And I know you guys know from watching this show that diets don't work or listening to the show. Some live on Facebook at the same time as we are live on Wh day J 9:20 A.m. one of 4.7 F. M and you could go to my website hardened with food dot com. Listen, live there, too. Just click the radio tab..

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