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To the heartland newsfeed radio network at hartland. Newsfeed dot com. This dream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's mounting concern about russia. Lisa brady fox news. The us sending a message that russet military buildup near ukraine. Isn't okay the top. Us general in europe appearing before congress while president biden spoke to russia's leader. Get a phone call. Today with russian president vladimir putin president and biden voiced concerns over russia's military buildup in crimea in ukraine's borders in called on russia to deescalate the white house provided details of the phone call that also included discussions on arms control cyber intrusion and election interference. President biden suggested a summit in the coming months in a third country to discuss a full range of issues facing the united states in russia this year at halpern at the white house to. Us worships are due to arrive in the black sea this week. Meantime president biden is reportedly set to drop a may first deadline for us troops to leave afghanistan as peace talks with the taliban continue setting a new goal of september eleventh which this year will mark the twentieth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks at the us capitol. The foreign bars dignity. Decency is loyalty and kurds biden among those paying tribute to capitol police officer billy evans lying in state. Just over a week after he was killed during an attempted capital breach. A rare but serious. Form of blood. Clotting and a handful of people leads to a pause for the johnson and johnson kobe. Fox's jonathan serrie the six point. Eight million americans receiving jay jay's vaccine six women developed a clot called cerebral venus sinus thrombosis in combination with low levels of blood platelets. The independent advisory committee on immunization practices will meet on wednesday to further assess whether these cases are connected to the vaccine or coincidental. Cdc recommending a pause until that process is finished. One of the women died. America is listening to fox news. Don't let the challenge a free mobile app store. Your business building apps takes time special skills and a lot of money. Fortunately with sodhi snap you can unleash your inner developer by allowing you to build and deploy apps you don't need to be a software developer and you don't need a lot of money with sodhi snap. You can create apps up to ten times faster than traditional methods. Leverage sodas free at prototyping service visits sodhi dot net slash fox for a free trial for fox news radio listeners. That's esotique i dot net slash fox. Defense begins calling witnesses to the murder trial of former minneapolis. Police officer derek. Chauvin in the death of george floyd for firms called you. Police officers who described unruly crowd then gathered head. Last year's arrest seen a paramedic who previously treated floyd testifying that he had an extremely high blood pressure at the time to floyd french Wanda hill who was with floyd. In his car till endures that floyd fell asleep and when they came near to wake him up go live over and over and he's trying to wake him up and he can't be woke up then he'll say something he made little jason back off until floyd was aroused by police the defense claims it was a drug overdose and floyd's bad heart that killed him as the state points to derek. Chauvin is the cause. Jeff monosso a second night of violence in brooklyn center minnesota traffic. Stop death of dante right. Also sparking protests in other cities and renewed calls for police reform airbnb pandemic driven. Crackdown on big parties. Apparently isn't going away. Gather a group of people together at an airbnb this summer. And you'll have neighbors using technology to report you to the company it's expanding its neighborhood support line. You could even have your noise. Level detected by minute sensors provided at a discount to hosts. It's part of airbnb. Summer of responsible travel especially focused on the four th of july weekend. The home rental company has stepped up support to hosts and we'll ban one night or last minute stays especially for guests who don't already have a positive review it already has a sixteen person limit on gatherings janie. Casilda fox news for the dow right. Now it's down one hundred seventy eight points but the nasdaq and the s&p are higher. Sobriety fox news not again when your business strategy relies on mobile technology. The last thing you need is downtime. Downtime leads to lost productivity angry managers unhappy customers more remote workers using more mobile devices. 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