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Would have heard little farmer announced How's he taking that? When police burst in Taylor's boyfriend shot at them, prompting them to shoot back. Kenneth Walker said he did not know they were police for NPR news. I'm Amina Elahi in Louisville stocks eased off their worst losses of the session. The Dow was down 134. This is NPR. Supreme Court says it will take a look at it in Arizona law that bars anyone but a family member or caregiver from returning. Another person's early election. Ballot law itself, however, will remain in effect until the presidential election and until justice is review it Federal appeals court in January ruled that Arizona's law barring so called ballot harvesting violates the Voting Rights Act and the constitution. But the court put on hold its ruling, while the Supreme Court was asked to take the case. FEMA says it's approving emergency assistance for people in Pensacola and other parts of Northwest Florida. Affected by Hurricane Sally. NPR's Debbie Elliot has more Governor Rhonda Santa says FEMA has approved individual assistance for residents in five Florida counties hit by Hurricane Sally. This comes more than two weeks after the storm. Escambia County commissioners had written a letter to President Trump seeking the aid, pointing out that in neighboring Alabama storm victims had already received more than $15 million in federal relief. Commission vice chair Robert Bender. Now we are out. Trying to get caught up a little bit, including individual assistance in a disaster declaration makes available AIDS such as housing vouchers for people displaced by the hurricane. Debbie Elliot NPR news in an attempt to crack down on so called party houses and curb further spread of the Corona virus, home rental company Airbnb says it plans to prohibit one night Reynolds of Properties the weekend of.

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