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Roof from scotchgard and three m. Use it on your roof already. Well, what do you say? I think it's Wednesday. Yes. Wednesday and Boomer Esiason will be here soon. But right now, he is well, he's on AL's chest. That's the shirt he is wearing Al dukes. How you be my boom, boom time t-shirt, Jerry. This is a throwback to the late eighties early nineties had any guts, you'd be like Bob, and you were just tattoo that on your chest rather than put a shirt on. Nope. I did watch eighteen minute Netflix documentary more no on tattooing. And where it all started in the history of tattooing. And now he's in tattoo your neck up. Aren't you know, I'm not gonna tell you know, I think they say in the future. If you don't have the tattoo that will be the unique thing, maybe you'll have one on your ass. Probably not I think that you don't get tattoos after your forty nine and above. I don't know about that. Probably when you're younger, I'd say when you hit sixty or if you're a sailor out that it started in Egypt or Babylonia, not sure it was. I did watch shocking. I know. Ancient time ancient times where I have no idea. Exactly. They were just sticking each other with needles. Jerry is so bizarre. They would dip a needle in ink. And then hammer the needle into your where? And I don't know how they came out. Nice. Nice looking tattoos. Yeah. Jerry. I'm wondering if I was the Tampa rays. I would bring up attempted murder charges on Aaron judge forever. Going after the pitcher with the line drive. He hit a comebacker. Yeah. You must kill them. Jake faria. Yeah. That thing almost hit his jaw could've killed him. And if I'm Jake Faria. I'd be like we're not in the playoffs. What am I doing here? Risking getting hit with a hundred nine mile per hour. Minor for Al anytime at team is eliminated from the playoffs. Go home, go home. Right. So the midseason could have ended in June makes Jake Faria never heard of them. I'm sure he's a decent pitcher. But he's not fighting for a job probably much someone who's fighting for a job take that race. None of them are not all of them are fighting for jobs point. No, it's what is today September twenty six. Yeah. The rays have had a great run, but they were eliminated from the postseason. So now, it's kinda like, you know, what they're just going to play out the string and good for the Yankees. They get to wins. They've had to have the as lost all good. You still going to go out there and play and pitch though. They can't go home. What would that have done to that dude's jaw would have broken? It. Probably it is one of the wildest highlight. You'll see if you haven't seen. Seen it down balls travelling at one hundred and ten miles an hour off the bat, and it was like an intramural any corners any carpet. And now is a mess of an inning. Could you imagine how much worst eating would have been an after he caught it? He walked her on the mound really thinking about what just happened. Left-field? Sounds good. What just happened? Then is the one thing watching, you know, these kids pitch, you know, youth wise IQ freak out when you see line drives going back towards the pitcher, you just hope they can get out of the way. Yeah. Brutal. They call that a comebacker, Jerry, Mr Paul. I love this move by Todd Bowles. Todd Bowles is not going to have a good day that he's taking away some play call duties from Casey Rogers, right? So he's going to make the third down calls. I did see some of the specifics on this. And it seems like it's going to be the hurry up. Hurry up offense is going on on the other team and the two miniature. He's taken over. He's seen enough Jerry perhaps he might want to start by having the team prepared for what quarterback they're going to see before. He's worried about the play calls. You know, so Jamal Adams yesterday was on. This is not good. Do you have the clip? Yes. Audio can set it up. And so and then and then there's also kind of came up when we had who was the head on on our program yesterday. Williamson everyone Avery Williamson. Both of them said we had no idea. Baker Mayfield was even coming in the game. And then they both kind of said you we really had no game plan for that. Be honest, man. We definitely you know, we we had to be open to to knowing that Baker could come in. And it's not you know, whatever it is. But we prepare for tyrod. When Baker came in. Obviously, you know, we have a you know, a game plan for him. Is are great weekly interviews coaster. Not like Manning's very, polished know for sure Pat, Shurmur, polished, right? Some of these guys like annual role a few years ago with Joe and Evan. He would just say things you wanna hear all the time the truth. This is also the why these coaches don't want these guys talking, right? And now he's got to walk into work today. Yeah. The man Todd Bowles already ripped defensive play called duties from Casey Rogers. I'm certainly getting called into the conversation goes coach morning. How're you doing? Coach it'd be like Todd Bowles impression can I get my radio stars. My office Avery Williamson who went on boomer and geo Jamal Adams who went on CNBC get you guys in. Here's the new rule shot up. Yeah. That's it zip it that's a bad one. When I you really like add that he really mean it, and then you hear it. Yep. He did. Yeah. We had no game plan early for that. I guess my only question would be in fairness how different the game plan. If in fact with Todd Bowles has said all along is true that they didn't run any place any differently. How much more of a game plan is there? Right. They're scrambling quarterbacks that much different. In terms of the way, they play now Mayfield. Maybe better might be a little bit more on target with his throws. Okay. That's fine. But how are you defending that any differently anyway? And they both said the energy in the stadium change coach. We saw we did see it when they kicked that fuel goal. It was like they just won the Super Bowl. So I don't know. I think we probably make too much of it. Really sounds bad. And then for whatever reason on the back page of the daily news today. It says Ron darling wants to be the Mets GM Bob Ray Smith quotes from him. But yesterday on the Mets broadcasts. Yeah. He said not interested. Yes. I'm rolling on the broadcast now to try and get so why would they still run with that on the back? He's got the quotes my guess would be race. Men's got it on tape. The tapes, you think so? Yeah. But even even if if they came to you were always interested in listening to anything. Yes. I would agree with that. They said how we would like you to run Entercom radio. Would you be interested? I will listen. But then when I have no idea that the next day on the show. I have no idea. I don't even know what they do. How they read the headline. Yeah. You did say it. I thought just that. No one's left over at the daily news. They got rid of everybody. No one to stop the story. You know? It's so sad. It really is the paper so thin going to take a break believe it or not now. All right, Jerry. I teased a big story from you on Monday Evans, angry with them because you never gave us the story. So when.

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