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That sort of gadget player. You can line up all over the formation that devil's Samuel type, I think Wanda Robinson really fits the need of that explosive bulk area. And they'd have to cut coach them up a little bit on the finer points of being a receiver again. He did just switch to receiver two years ago. So he's new to this. And I know we have our, you know, we're worried about certain areas of the coaching staff, but I think him working with Troy Brown, that would be a great fit. Basically the parts of the game, I think Robinson is missing the parts of his game. I think he needs to, not missing, but needs to really round out are what Troy Brown was so great at as a player. So I see that as a mix. So I think either one is a great addition, I don't know that either one on their own is the difference maker, you want to pair this guy with an X, whether it's a first round pick, you know, one of the true X's I guess not your haunts and their system, but or probably more likely a free agent or a veteran acquisition, like the Mike Williams or maybe a Calvin Ridley, but I think either one of these guys can give the offense a dynamic they really need. Yeah, so this is a conversation of an explosive, more explosive ball carrier and Wanda Robinson versus the route runner in sky more, right? They both win, they both win in similar fashion, but they do in different ways. Similar areas of the field, right? Where they are targets were and where their touches were. It would be very, there would be a lot of overlap, but they do it in different ways, exactly. Sky Moore has some of the best feet that I've seen of any wide receiver prospect in this draft. He can get off press coverage really sudden quick movements at the line of scrimmage to get off press separates well at the top of the route. And although he is not game breaking like wandel is in the with the ball in his hands, I like how he slithers with the ball, right? I think he has that kind of Julian Edelman like duck and weave in and out of contact. Maybe not somebody that's going to run away from the whole defense when he gets in the open field. But certainly sets up blocks well down the field kind of navigates and alludes tacklers and wiggles in and out of contact. I like those elements of his game, but it's his route running that really stands out. The concern that I have with one day is the same as I have in the first round version of this is treylon Burke's, right?.

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