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I wouldn't believe Bob Woodward if he said Good morning. When it comes to factual information because you have to strip away. It's like taking off 14 layers of paint. You still don't know what color the wall is underneath. Is it brick under that? We don't know what it is, and we got all this. We got to strip this off. And that's the unfortunate truth. And I'm not going to promote the book and I doubt very seriously. He probably consider me too small potatoes to Anymore. He's way above me now. But I doubt he'd come on and talk. But that would be the first question I'd ask. How do I know this is an embellished And how do I know It's not nonsense because and I could name numbers of different things, and I don't know how many books the man's written. That are clearly untrue. So that's my first question to him. How do I know you're telling me the truth? And what can he say? Other than? Well, I guess you don't. Unless he wants to play the tape for us of the general actually saying, Here's what happened. And maybe the general did. Maybe he got behind the scenes. And he started pulling a mark Furman You know, he starts recording all this arrogant s O b. I'm a big shot. I'm a big deal is that that's what I did with Trump That idiot. But you know what, once again comes back if it's true It once again proves Trump to be correct that his entire staff was working against him. Is another example of somebody high up who had their own agenda. Don't ever tell me that there's no such thing as the, uh Alright, I'm going. I wouldn't get into Trump. I'm not going to get into that. But I would just say before you jump to a conclusion here, consider the source. That really is important. Especially when you're talking about, uh, by Bob Woodward. Alright, coming up the president. Speaking of we got a bunch of national stories getting attention today the president was talking about His visitation to Louisiana going out in California, and it's seeing the fires and seeing the hurricane results and, of course, the hurricane damage in the Northeast, and he came to a conclusion that simply is not backed by anything other than his politics. And I can prove that to I'll play the audio for you coming up right now, though, Bill Jackson is checking on traffic.

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