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On leaders heads and we may not dispute kim jongun and i don't wanna see anybody dia wanna make that clear but let's let's take another example so ikea saddam hussein was getting out of hamneda when i was a kid i think it was too late 90s and he invaded kuwait and in the us made it over there and there was a big giant masks we'll what a fairly food pranks equator where was in charge of her quit at the time saw that oh saddam hussein is depict about invading year what if he told saddam saying hey if you invade here we're gonna put a bounty of ex number of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency on your head weld saddam hussein probably would have invaded and what if saddam hussein did the same thing to subject was george bush senior at the time said hey if you abate us we don't have a big army but we have enough money to put a bounty maybe he would have invaded so hopefully this is a waiter too to to prevent the worst me even happening in the first place d e how did we thomas thinking about this versus how to get more customers for your business for bitcoin i think those are two sides of the same coin the more people that are using money that's outside of the control of government to less control governments half of of people and i think that's a good thing for moving all the kind toward advancing society in an increase in the rate of economic growth around the world and if you increase the rate of economic growth in the technological singularity is gonna come even faster in which computers exceed human intelligence and right now the smartest beings in the universe that we know about our our people in all the new ideas come from people anything let's say let's take the idea of.

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