Robert Mcneil, Jill, President Trump discussed on WWL First News Early Edition with Dave Cohen


The dark over in st charles parish wwl tv sheba turk reporting that energy is hoping to get those power outages restored in about a half an hour we'll see how that works out as we're dealing with some of the coldest share ever to hit this area national weather service forecaster robert mcneil's says the entire state is waking up to a very very bitter jill and the improvement well not too much should live below freezing or below definitely for the next unite limit blow twenty than us looking like thursday night to creep back up to a low near thirty in other news a new you are now will poll was out showing president donald trump would handily beat oprah winfrey in our hypothetical general election in louisiana after a rousing golden globe speech rumors began to fly that winfrey was considering a presidential run presumably as a democrat but in a poll of seven hundred twenty two louisiana voters sixty percent of respondents said of that was the choice they'd go with trump 36 percent of black voters supported the president but pollster ed schurbon act says there was a surprising split or reward and findings will african american men nor split between donald trump and oprah winfrey according to the poll oprah hypothetically underperforms 2016 nominee hillary clinton that is wwe wells matt doyle coming up here in sports pelicans beat the top team in the east thinks hits a sixteen quarter but georgia edges out lsu in the pc mac i'm steve geller origins see that one common saad the tigers could pull it off but they couldn't let's go over now to the pinpoint forecast center get the latest from first rang them wind chill advisory is in effect until eleven o'clock today in a heart freeze warning for both sides of the lake until noon it is very cold to start the morning very icy on the roadway so be careful if you absolutely have to be out again sunshine expected to come later today when we climb into the third use right now partly cloudy twenty three at armstrong international airport did counter got that wind out of the north of nine so that brings the wind chill down and in some cases were chalking single digits this morning on the.

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