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As but what they would do the part of the convention that makes it different than when the real estate brokers of america get together or whatever is that they have a huge open space for playtime at night and it's eight. It was a huge open room and you had to get past security. They made sure you'd like you didn't have phones with you because you couldn't take pictures it was. You know checking your i to make sure your age but when you go back to this place space anybody that wanted to not even sure they charged for this anybody that wanted to got to either like ten by ten or ten by twenty space. I think whatever you wanted that was your space and what you do in. That space is huge room. There's there were dozens and dozens of thirty or forty different people playing. But what you do in that space for all intents and purposes is doing the thing that you do with your partner in their own home or you do in in a in a play space with someone you play with and so you have one person who's tied to a chair being spanked and then you have another person who's having some really sophisticated rope bondage being suspended on a hoist and there's another place base where this fetish taking place so that finishes taking place and it's really cool because number one. You get to actually do this thing that you probably don't want any of your friends or co-workers our family to know about so it's this private thing you get to now do in a public setting where you to. No one's going to shame you forward judge for like it's almost like coming out of the closet for some people i think when they get to play publicly because in the real world. Oh my god. Don't let anybody find out this weird thing you and your partner do right. 'em further exhibition. The crowd just wanna watch but everybody playing for the most part is open to someone asking questions. So you're networking with other people that are into your fetish and people just have questions. They're curious about it and they're like hell it's fun. How do you get where you buy that. And you know it's the full gamut and it's just this is great open where everybody's just their sexuality their kingston on display so. There was some pretty intense stuff going on. You've been to enough public spaces. It can get intense. You got doing stuff with needles that unless you love needles. You don't wanna see i. I saw the first show. I saw people putting hooks through their skin. And i don't mean fishhooks. I mean big old thick hooks being tied to ropes and being swung around I saw One woman who actually was sitting in a on a chair. She's just wearing nothing but her bottoms and she's sitting a challenge stool in a little kiddy pool and a woman standing behind her was wearing nothing but bottoms either and she was using a razor blade to carve on her back to carve a picture on her back. Doing carving and the kiddie pool was because it was incredibly bloody. It wasn't i to me. I'm not into that wasn't sexy but it was fascinating to watch. I love watching that like watching it and it was just interesting to watch. So here's some all this really really intense stuff going on and one. The things i saw was this woman and a man and he was just covering her with her naked. True standard naked covering her with clothes pins and consensual. They're adults though there. But i looked at her and my first thought was. She's abused now. I'm sorry. I'm not trying to judge down. I can't maybe. I'm completely wrong but the feeling i got from them was that she didn't want to be there. She was probably like afraid of him. She it. i'm sorry. I got what mike told me. That was non consensual. What well we're surrounded by way more heavy painful intense stuff going on. But i just kept walking by them and just nothing about it felt good then tuesday gastric park consent or it have to like enthusiasm could be. During their negotiation part. The person could be like a zombie when it actually happened doesn't mean they're not enthusiastic about doing it No it was just. It was just a gut feeling the same way when someone talks to you. Don't trust them or someone else you know just looks over at you and smiles and you realize that you could trust that person with your life like you just you get a gut feeling from people and by the way. I'm not judging their right to do this. They're grown up adults but it didn't feel consensual than feel i didn't know about it. Just just did like it. And what i what. I realized eventually that that's what it was by the way even if it was fleet consensual. I'm not saying it wasn't. I felt it wasn't so therefore because that's how it seemed to me. It didn't feel good yet. I don't think she said no. She wasn't pleading with people to make him stop it just. It seemed like she was being manipulated. She seemed like an abused situation. Seemed like somebody who never wanted to be put on display in front of a bunch of people. She wasn't getting off on the humiliation. She was in in a relationship. She didn't feel like she to say no. And i got all this without her saying words so i could be completely full of shit. But the point is consensual. Didn't mean the non consent to me mean she said no. It means it wasn't right interesting. Yeah that's my theory. Based on nothing. I could be totally wrong. Frawley no she. She's the one who talked him into coming during a tour. And i'm just bullshit. Well it's it's a it's a hard place to be when you see stuff like that. To seen scenes get interrupted because a rooftop who knows their bottom allows limb to get a little too purple for the audience or something like that like if they know their partner and there's communication going on like i don't know it's it's it's hard to tell what to do so yeah although i wasn't going to do anything yeah i i'm still of the opinion that she is a grown adult can make decisions for herself. I don't think because she's a woman she's capable of being strong or independent or these things. So i don't i would never tell anybody else. They can't make those choices for themselves. I just know how it made me feel. And that's that's all. It was so anything else about about consent. I think we got it. So if you have opinions about this episode please feel free to send us an email and keith buffet at g. dot com or reach out to us on our social media on the contacts are on king buffet dot com and by all means like i always say. Please tell us if you think we're on. I mean. I want to hear from people who say that i'm wrong. I am open to being wrong are open to reevaluate every single opinion. I have share. Tell me tell me that. I didn't get it right and and i'm not gonna dismiss you because it disagrees with me. I'm going to listen to what you say. We may even batted around on a future podcast and we will validate your opinion and then may or may not conclude. We agree with you. But that's okay but we will consider it until next time bye..

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