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Whatever and you beat new chested everything's great but as a hard hard deal to combat it says guys you you're beating some really good cars me do that so you know we got to take some pride in that and have some belief in what we're doing the right thing but you know don't lose our focus and just keep working hard and just try to get better flow it certainly comes jury for spending that extra money because money by speed sp just true the nascar and all forms of racing and you mentioned the part about being your chest i want to talk to you about the money in about the sponsorship is one of the reasons i've i've interviewed many times not just before nbc but when i was at usa today for stories about how small teams exist and how they convince sponsor student involved and i can remember when chris butcher one for you guys at pocono in two thousand sixteen i interviewed you then and you were saying that it was kind of a tricky thing for you guys because you needed to sort of bump your chest out and say hey we wanna pocono we've wanted talladega and twenty thirteen with david ragan we need to convince sponsors that there's a huge value proposition here but at the same time you can't just say well tomorrow we're going to be running with hendrick motorsports team penske and jobs racing what what's that been like i know part of your job is what you just talked about is running the competition side the other part obviously a huge part i think is finding the money is the business side for sure for sure there in lies is a huge challenge and in the case for every every race team probably anybody in sports marketing really is is coming up with that compelling business proposition for somebody to invest in their product and gotta have a good business reason you know and and.

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