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Crash here's footsteps. And looks up to see Steve Schneider approaching. He stands over crash with a look of panic on his face. David, gathered everything you asked. We did a headcount. There are 5 dead. Koresh feels weak and slow, and waves him over gently. It's a town, Steve. Schneider lowers himself against the opposite wall. Sorry, David, it's it's hard to sit still. Everyone wants to know what's happened. And I don't know what to tell him. You can't leave us yet. Tell me who died, Steve. Schneider hesitates, and then lists the dead. Koresh weekly nods his head. David, what are we gonna do? I don't know yet. I don't even know why they came to arrest me. Wayne says it's a sealed indictment. They don't have to tell you why they're arresting you until you're in custody. That didn't make any sense. But it doesn't matter now. Steve, we've killed federal agents. What choice did we have? Didn't you see all of them? Yeah. But this could mean only one thing. Koresh picks up his wealth on copy of the Bible, sitting open to the page he's been reading, repeatedly. He knows these words by heart, but it's still incredible to see them in this moment. Here he is, living the very story that he predicted. What is it, David? Koresh hands the Bible to Snyder. It's open to the book of revelation. Steve, we're now living through the 5th seal. I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God. It's all here. The times at hand, the final confrontation between good and evil. Yes, of course, but what happens now? I'm going home to my father. We don't know if there will be another attack. But I do know that the world is going to pay attention after today. If all of us remain strong and united, we can spread our message of Salvation. Schneider starts asking another question, but crash has already closed his eyes and exhaustion. After a moment, he hears Snyder's voice saying he'll return soon. Crash leans back his head. And he remembers his conversations with God. Their talks, going all the way back to childhood. He's done everything the lord has asked of him. He's built a righteous army. He's born righteous children. Now the world will hear his message. Pain is agonizing, though, and koresh can feel his life drifting away. But he smiles, feeling peaceful, and at ease. Because David koresh knows what has happened is all part of God's plan. From wondering, this is episode four of Waco from American scandal. In our next episode, the FBI steps in to take over from the ATF, with a handoff doesn't go smoothly, and as the standoff drags on, the Branch Davidians see an opportunity to spread their message to the world. If you like our show, please give us a 5 star rating and leave a review. And be sure to tell your Friends. I also have two other podcasts you might like. American history tellers and business movers. Follow on Apple podcasts, Amazon music, or wherever you're listening right now, or you can listen to new episodes early and ad free by subscribing to wander plus in Apple podcasts or in the app. You'll also find some links and offers from our sponsors in the episode notes, supporting them helps us keep offering our shows for free. Another way you can support the show is by filling out a small survey at wondery dot com slash survey to tell us what topics we might cover next. You can also find us and me on Twitter, follow me at Lindsay a Graham, Lindsay with an a middle initially and thank you. If you'd like to learn more about Waco, we recommend the reporting on the story from Reuters and The Washington Post. This episode contains reenactments and dramatized details. And while in most cases, we can't know exactly what was said. All are dramatizations are based on historical research. Americans scandalous hosted, edited and executive produced by me, Lindsey Graham for airship. Audio editing by Molly Bach, sound designed by Derek Barron's music by Lindsey Graham. This episode is written by Michael canyon Meyer, edited by Christina malzberg. Our senior producer is game riven. Executive producers are Stephanie Jen's, Jenny Lauer beckman, and Marshall Louis for wondering..

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