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Hoping to get ahead of student growth. Ficials say they have nine thousand students today, but expect that could double in five years. So the district is thinking about repurposing Maynard elementary into an all pre pre-k campus and send the older kids. The law goes elementary. Pre k parent Merlin Gonzales likes the idea, but understands the fears of parents who don't fans are concerned. Go students moving to another campus. It's a very good concern. But I think it's also good to have all the pre K students together as it will be really great benefit for the district leaders say nothing is set in stone, and they will have more public meetings next week to get parent feedback. John cooling, NewsRadio kale J over thirty five thousand pounds of illegal air pollution was released into the Austin area in two thousand seventeen in Austin energy was one of the biggest culprits. That's according to new report by environment taxes, executive director, Luc Metzker detail. Some of the other big offended gasoline Lee county, the looming gas plant in Caldwell county and the bass drop pump station about pipeline. And then the Austin white lime McNeil plant and quarry here in Travis county says Austin energy, San hill energy center, dumped, hundreds of gallons of ammonium hydroxide illegally city council has approved setting aside twenty percent of all tax revenue collected in east Austin's homestead preservation district fund, low income housing council hopes to use some of that tax revenue to construct. Least one thousand new low income units. KLBJ news time one oh three looking at Austin's on time. Traffic slow on. I thirty five southbound from sand bass wrote to McNeil very slow from fifty first ole tour fanatic crash near MLK blocking a lane. I thirty five northbound heavy from old tour to Maynard road. A crash reported bastrop highway southbound highway seventy one in airport at fifty thirty this afternoon with very spotty drizzle and a high of sixty four then a shower or two tonight, cloudy and mild, low fifty six degrees from the weather center. I'm Heather zehr. We got cloudy.

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