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You will often find fraud in federal investigators in Georgia say they have for a hefty up front payments thirty nine year old Christopher Paris of Atlanta allegedly tried to sell one hundred twenty five million three M. face masks and other personal protective equipment to the VA purchase price more than seven hundred fifty million he also allegedly tried to take advantage of state and local governments to Attorney General William Barr not taking this lightly says Paris and other alleged scammers divert valuable effort from those trying to access this desperately needed equipment calls targeting veterans especially egregious Paris being extradited to DC on wire fraud charges could get twenty years if convicted Jane Metzler fox news police and prison guards using tear gas to put down another prison rampage this time at a lock up in Lansing Kansas where more than two dozen people are thought to have the corona virus and mates broke windows and set fires before that disturbance was quelled a federal judge has ruled the national marine fisheries service broke the Endangered Species Act by not protecting the north American right whale from the hazards of lobster fishing the judge says he'll oppose a remedy soon another big events popular among celebrities canceled over health concerns scorching desert heat and blinding sandstorms are usually enough to keep some eighty thousand people for making the pilgrimage to burning man it was called Black Rock city in the Nevada desert every summer but corona virus is stopping the event in its tracks organizers sending out a message on their burning man journal saying the well being of participants staff and neighbors is their highest priority they going to say they're going to build a virtual Black Rock city they're not sure how it's going to look but they believe it'll be engaging connective and fun Jill NATO fox news.

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