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Would wear Said i like sweets on top of it and it was almost like a clown mask. It was a female mask and and this woman was issue. This girl nobody really knows the age or what. She looked like or anything other than the fact that she was a girl who dressed up in this mask and she was in a dilapidated home video for instance. She said That she was in this room and the room that she was in she lived in. This was her room and there were other people that live there but she said that they don't come into my room and i don't leave this room and they said that she also said they don't even know that i'm here though. The voice that she talked in was very It almost sounded like somebody that may have had a a developmental disability or something like that so a lot of people were were concerned that this girl was being put in a neglectful situation. So a lotta people started looking into it and it got to the point where it kind of Reached a level of this. Isn't we're not sure if this is a joke anymore. We're not sure you know. Most people really thought she was mentally ill and it's got to the point where people couldn't couldn't get around that fact either way it's definitely something that's strange. It's number nine for a reason because this is another one of those things that's like is it. Real is not and is it really that because you know there's people out there like a teenage girl trying to be different and trying to express herself in kind of an unusual way but by the way that is number nine bond skinny. If you wanna look it up it is one is bond skinny and as soon as you google it or or whatever. It's all over the place but you have to find all of the videos that were referring to in archives and on youtube they make tons of people have covered it so but that is that guy's got any opinions thoughts on bond skinny. I think that This stuff just seems to be happening more and more with like the proliferation of things like tiktok and instagram stories and etcetera etcetera. So i think that it's kinda it's kind of funny how how often the stuff you know. It just keeps going. It's weird but yeah. I definitely remember reading about this at some point and i didn't. I don't think. I remember the name. But i remember the visual since i google i think that regardless of whether or not this girl was was you know held hostage or trapped or whatever in this room and whether or not. She had a diagnosed mental illness. There's still some sort of mental unbalanced going on if if your first thought when you create a tick tock as a teenage girl is to dress up in a deformed clown mask and another thing that i wanted to mention is a lot of people thought that maybe even if she wasn't Mentally ill that she had a facial deformity and that was one reason why she wanted to wear this mask. And just like. I said just kinda something that if it sounds interesting look into it. I know that. When i looked into it the first time i binged it because it's just it was incredibly interesting to me. Yeah yeah i think that yeah. I think it's definitely cool. And just the fact that all the internet has come up with all these different theories about it when it could just be a teenage girl just making videos clown mask on right. I think that's the cool. I think that's the cool part of it. Is that you know. They're not sure if she has a facial deformity or if she's mentally disabled or if she stuck in a room somewhere. I think it's cool. That the kind of branching off from these video. Yeah people give the internet's internet a cookie in once. Once i was just gonna say yeah elsa cooking. Sorry okay you give the internet a cookie and it wants to take your head and it needs a glass of milk number eight number eight. I believe chad. Sep foundation do you want to introduce so. The sap foundation is a fictional organization. First off it's like a. It's a wikipedia. That compiles a bunch of fictional stories and really weird stuff that is about this. Scp foundation and the foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals entities locations objects that defined natural law so the sap foundation. Wicky four of these special containment procedures and they're basically show whatever this quote. Sap in question and then how to contain it and how to take care of it and how do all this this crazy stuff. So i really really really got into this about a year ago. Two years ago. As i've said on the show many times before i get on kicks. Okay just an alex's kind of the same way get on kicks and i just like consume everything that has to do with my kick okay and the and kids are normally perpetrated by a video game or a movie or show that i'm watching at the time so if i'm let's say playing a video game about world war two. I consume every world war two book movie. Tv show everything. I won't go out of that until i'm out of the world war two kick just to give you guys on my brain works. It's kinda screwed up. So i came across this after i started playing a game. Called control in control is heavily heavily inspired by the sap foundation. So i had looked up like movies. Books tv shows that are similar to control and got the typical like x. Files twin peaks. And then this sap foundation came up and normally out of everything on my kicks books and like stuff that i have to read is at the bottom of the list. Because i'd rather just like watch a movie. But this thing sucked me in big time. And and i think it was just because the game you're essentially at a place called the bureau of control. That is exactly the sap foundation. They find these crazy objects and they try to contain them in. You know investigate them and do research on them and it's super bowl and it was just a super thing that it was the perfect combination with the game. So did you guys. Have you guys ever read any of this stuff before. Yes no. I have not no. It's definitely it's definitely cool. I mean it's not it's not everybody's cup of tea. I would say because you know it's a lot of reading in. It's a lot of like official looking documents. And you know. I don't know i just got super into it. And it. And it's really the main purposes for for the innate got a little bit of comedy behind it to and some of 'em depends on who you're reading. Some of them are a little bit more serious. Some of them are a little bit. Maybe not intended to be comedic but they are so that is why i put it on the list. Just because out of everything. That i've found on the internet. I would probably say that i've spent the most time going through this week. A pedia outside of like maybe like a star wars wikipedia which is like a black hole that you'll find yourself in six hours later not knowing what happened to your life..

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