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Hey this is Kirk herbstreet. Welcome back to this great college football rivalry earlier today we miked up the huddle. And here's what we heard. He didn't what town it is ready for this game. We're not say smoke. Say Sausage pins in Akron. Talk to fire up that grew intense home gate Eckrich. Do you welcome to the bill. Walsh show I'm Barnwell. Oh we are back. After a brief holiday hiatus they so much for your patience is Tuesday January seventh twenty twenty. A lot of football stuff stuff has happened not only with the wild card weekend but also stay with some coaching decisions. We're going to get to that in a second with Lindsay Jones but first guys like this podcast cast you also want to check out the first draft podcast with no Kuyper junior and todd mcshay of course the NFL draft is coming up and they're going to have weekly podcast previewing NFL draft starting starting tomorrow January eighth but before the draft before the combine. We still have several weeks. NFL Action to go. We have some new coaches join. Join the NFL. As recently as this afternoon and joining me to talk about that and the playoff games is our friend with the Atlantic Lindsay Jones Lindsay. How are you? I'm good oh how are you. I'm good I thought this was going to be kind of a quiet day in the NFL landscape and then suddenly to head. Coaching hires in the matter of ten minutes. This morning Matt rule going to the panthers. Joe Judge going to the giants after Mike McCarthy was named cowboys coach earlier this week. So let's start with today's news. Let's start with Matt rule who gets a seven year deal. What sixty seventy million dollars? A lot of money. Samat rule to leave Baylor and come work for the Carolina Panthers. Yeah I mean it sounded like one of those Offers you can't refuse type of situation where I think he's GonNa have a lot of power he's also got a lot of money and A lot of years to do To do what the panthers to do. It's not quite a Jon. GRUDEN ten years one hundred million dollar type of deal but David Tepper is showing that he is not afraid to spend a lot of money to invest very heavily in his head coach and head coach You know when everything else that they're doing I mean they're building a brand new practice facility. They're building the indoor facility. I mean they're spending a lot of money Darren Charlotte and you know I. It was interesting that there was kind of story that also came out. The rule wanted to kind of bring that offer back to the giants Because he was going to interview with the giants as well but The giants said okay. We're going to hire JOE judge instead of paying Instead of hiring not rule it six years seventy million dollars or whatever it is so Really really interesting. Move there Bell what are you. What was your initial? Take on it. I guess and then I'll I'll go with yours it. I think it's interesting in that. I'm not gonNA pretend that I am someone who has watched every Baylor game this year. I've watched a little bit and I've read up a Matt Rule Essay coaching candidate. Now for the past two years of course rule was very very nearly the jets head coach last year before jazz blocked him hiring his own offensive coordinator which point he stepped out of that process and they hired Adam Gates move. That has worked out brilliantly for the jets of course in the afterward with that rule. I think there are certainly elements of a a run first attack. I think he is not someone who is seen as a a progressive offensive minded. They've run EARNHARDT Peos this year. He has seen that as sort of a you know. I can't deal with the devil to run as much of the rushing game as he wants to and I think that's very interesting given what we have. In Carolina we have Christian McCaffrey who's entrenched is the best running back in football at the moment. We Have Cam Newton who I think you know certainly seems like this offer. This higher would probably be good for him in a way back for him in a way. Oh you know good in that. The run first attack does seem to favor can if he can be a player who does impact game with his leg. Still which we don't know coming back from injury but it's pretty clear that you know if Matt rule wants to move on from Cam Newton. He's going to have plenty of time to move on and higher higher or or or or sign up backup quarterback or assigned a young quarterback or draft a quarterback and give that guy a time to develop so I kind of feel of two minds. It's for this when it comes to the biggest decision for the second the second biggest decision the panthers have to make this office and I don't know how you feel about do you do. What does this mean for you for Cam Newton? Yeah I I think the first thing is just how healthy is he gonNA be. What's his time? Line going to be like their That's the thing that just is over everything and has been over everything for the panthers for going on two years now I still think he's GonNa be back and and I've been I've been thinking about this a lot over the last few few days I've been writing about brees and Brady and thinking about all of the potential quarterback moves that we're gonNA see the offseason and well this time of year. It's really fun fun to speculate about. All the potential moves and this year is more interesting than any quarterback off season that I can remember and maybe ever certainly certainly as long as my nfl institutional memory is But ultimately moving on from a quarterback and guy who's taking you to a super bowl who's won an MVP Without some sort of really solid plan in place is it's a really hard at it. It's so rare that it happens so ultimately I think he ends up being back. I think he's there's so many things that you can do with him if he's going to be healthy but that if he's going to be healthy is just the biggest question that's been out there and We're not going to know that for a couple abundance I guess the good news is that they don't have to make that move or decision on Cam Newton. Today I mean they they really can can wait a couple of months but ultimately. I think that there are better team with him. And the options outside of him are just not that great. I mean. There's some intriguing names out there but I just think I don't think you're GonNa do better than Cam. Newton Can A new. There's even seventy five percent of the quarterback that he was in two thousand fifteen when he was at his peak. Yeah or even the guy who was playing well in the first half of two thousand eighteen. I think that can traffic is still really good There's a definitely interesting sort of dichotomy with that rule or I guess not a paradox. In that he is a very conservative. Very first coach. But we've we've seen in the report effortless. Hire one of the reasons that the panthers were able to Land Matt run into the panthers was because they're making a huge investment in sports science. You mentioned the practice facility being built there. I mean it seems like it's a you know. This is the the beginning of a major infrastructure shift for the panthers to being an organization that they wanNA emulate the steelers and they wanna be simultaneously Eh analytics friendly at the same time so I think it was going to be a really interesting sort of narrow path to hit their where they are a run for his team which is typically considered to be sort of a antiquated or old school notion but making it work and so I think in the long run. They might end up being more similar to the Ravens. Who seemed to embody all those things right now in the steelers? Yeah I mean that's absolutely the franchise right now that you want to emulate if you look at WHO's doing it the best right now from both play on the field but also what they're doing inside their building and the the mindset that they have with the type of people that they hire The way that they make all their decision I think it's the Ravens and I guess that comes from the steelers family and that's so so that's what he's familiar with. But I think the other thing that we we didn't talk about was not rule that we just really have to mention. Is that while we can talk about schematics. And look at his Ex's knows and yes he's run I but you know what college offenses he bringing those sorts of things. I think the biggest reason that he was this really hot. NFL Coaching candidate over the last two years. This is his reputation. That's kind of a program builder and The work that he did at temple the way that he really kind of overhauled Baylor over the last two the three years when they were really a disaster The the way he interacts with players You know he brought his father and his former pastor and coach and you know I just think that Dad's what made him so attractive in addition to obviously like the the the skills that he has. It's an actual you know coach but You know I think we get so caught happen. Like what exactly is this. Guy's offense going to look like or what exactly is this guy's defense gonNa look like when really what owners and management are looking at is. What's this Guy's vision? How is he going to interact after everything everybody in the building? How does he relate to players What is his vision? All those sorts of things not really why they came out rule You know a bunkers you you know seventy million dollar contract Jack. Think that's very fair and I think that's really what they're bringing matt rule to do. I mean this is a guy who they think is going to overhaul everything about the panthers. The culture is going to change not that rhinovirus culture was bad. Obviously it worked for a long time but I think you know this is going to be a eighteen. An organization top to bottom built in in the vision of Matt Rule on the other side of things You think about the hiring. The giants made today in Joe Judge who granted. I think there's been that those sort of initial tweets coming out the wide receivers coach. He's really special teams coach. He is not good for one year. He has been the Patriot special teams coach for a long time. He has worked under Bill Bell. Check US worked under Nick Sabin. Those are pretty successful people to work underneath and yet it sort of seems like not. Maybe this is wrong to say but it seems like this higher is out of nowhere. Is that fair to say a little bit. I mean he was..

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