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Works, kicks and flat swang in a miss from Paseana Castano's leading the National League in both hitting at 3 31 and in doubles with 29. He's kind of the guy that sets the tone for the Reds Got an intensity to him over first round pick up the Tigers Open stance right side to swing. The ball popped up a mile high right side on the dirt. Guerrero barely has to move shuffles back and makes it two handed catch. Castano pops out to first. There's two away. Talk about everything you say He's the guy that sort of the centerpiece to get going. And Gilly Votto. It's still playing jelly Votto, a guy who has had an incredible career and a red uniform. Definitely be a red call of favor, I guess perhaps the Cooperstown All of favor. But at this point, it's all about Nick Castillo Donaldson, Jesse Waker, his teammate. That's also a starter for the National League. And here is Jesse Winker. 17 years old, first time All Star like Castano's pitch swing and a little dribbler foul first Space Side winter. That's real one. He's got 19 homers, but things this is a guy. Maybe this shouldn't surprise us. And for some, I guess it doesn't But if you look in terms of his great stats and what he's done in his career, he's been quite good pit is inside. He's always had that skill of getting on base. But his lifetime O p s is an 8 76 Get about 1400 plate appearances. That's really good. I mean, that's elite level. Good. Well, he talked about back in 2015 2016. He kept being told he wasn't going to hit for power. Next pitch down and in and he's got a lifetime slugging percentage of 4 95 just kind of talking about how it gets in your head a little bit. You believe in yourself, But when you keep hearing you're not going to be a power hitter really have to have a conviction in your ability to keep crashing become a great hitter and you know the power as a result of good swing. Good, consistent contact throughout. Space is empty. Lynn fires swing and a foul ball down the left side. That'll slice off out of play Winker today on the red carpet, he decided to honor the legacy of Jill Morton. You wore old legal. Jo Morgan number eight Jersey, which is pretty cool. We've lost a lot of Hall of Famers this past year talking Hank Aaron Jo Morgan, Tom Seaver. Don Sutton, Next pitch fouled back to the screen, and it remains to to The other thing I didn't realize is that this year for the first time helmets so the National League helmets are black. And they say, NL Llama Land is ready. Here comes the 22 upstairs and still has some of that a little arm side tail run on the fastball. He talked about early in his career with his partner. They wanted to take the ball and he finally got to a point where I'm going to pitch the way that I pitched to get drafted, and I'm gonna start going to basketball more. Elevating that pitch, 32 is down and ended its fall board Weaker will take his face. That's one of the things that he does so well controls the strike Salt. So with two outs, the first baserunner for the National League leads it one Nothing and here comes 18 real mute killed. The Phillies catcher, making his third All Star appearance and the greeting the ale capture the Royal Salvador Perez at home Plate. Util climbs in right Side shift is on Deborah's full guard Simeon on the left side first offering downstairs for one. Not sure exactly where Lance Lynn warmed up produce suggests there since he came straight out of the dugout. Dark this inning, and most times we see guys they're coming from the bullpen jogging in from the outfield. Tomorrow is on the outside quarter for a strike. It's going to get the idea with Lance Lynn and sort of his personality and who he is probably just like, Hey, I just need to get loose and then I'll go out there and I'll figure it out out on the mound, throw fastballs and everybody will be fine. That's Linda 1 90 90 already lead the American League that's found off to the right. And that will get out of play wanted to on real mutual two outs. Winker at first in the bottom of the second. L leads one. Nothing. John Shaabi Chris Singleton there only in the American League dugout. They're based sites and Kurt first base dugout, National meeting room on the right side of that hole over there, 12 is fouled back to the screen and he'll do it again. Real mutilate guy. Handle the bad, a bit of a huge power. The starter that was elected Buster Posey decided not to come and then got a year, Molina was announced as a replacement. He decided not to come. Real mutual open stance, right side kick choir swaying in a miss. And a strike Getting room on the right and Lance Lynn gets real mute..

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