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Sometimes leads to lack of mature decisions at times, which gets exacerbated with that that offensive line. So he's a great back. But yeah, this is exactly what would happen when you get matched with a line that just isn't doing great work. And we all love we all love those explosive plays. But I also your offense doesn't function when you're among the league leaders in negative plays either. No. And that's why you know, one of the things that's important about running back play is how good of a decision. Do they make when it comes to down and distance and field position because and Barkley is good Barclays way better than good? But he's he's solid enough in that department. But at the same time there are going to be times, especially as a rookie where you can get impatient. And if you if you're starting from a negative place, suddenly the playbook is closed off. And now, you're not your offense has no shot of being efficient and no shot of being productive because you're starting off in a place where the percentages of plays that are going to number plays. You can use the percentage of success or likely success for those plays dwindles dramatically when it's now second fifteen or third and twelve. Right. So you know, we we've gone off and talk a little bit about ally. Now, we've talked about the offense of line in the running game. And I did say at the top of the show we were mostly going to talk about quarterbacks in the draft. Did I well, you know, it all fits the other? Right. Sure. It's you know, it all it all works together. So what I wanna do what I wanna do. We talked about the sixth pick. And we talked about twain Haskins. You know, we talked a little bit about, you know, drew lock also maybe not being value at six the giants. Thanks to the Odal Beckham trade also have the seventeenth pick. Now the way quarterbacks come off the board. Who knows maybe locking Haskins are gone by the sixth pick, you know, more than likely, you know, one or both of them is probably gone by the seventeenth pick. But should either of those guys be available at seventeen. Do you see them? We'll go back to the value discussion you see one of them or both of them as value at seventeen. I would prefer Haskins at seventeen I still don't see lock as value at seventeen and we'll talk a little bit more about lock. And I think the reason being is that lock has the big arm, and you you're gonna hear from a, you know. Sometimes we heard from you know, corporate media, the kind of the larger media outlets that have, you know, sound soundbite amount of time to discuss players may give a short dirty comparison to Patrick Mahomes because of the ability to make off platform throws. But drew lock doesn't have the discipline of footwork doesn't have the discipline of tempo doesn't really or his arm slots to actually make the decisions that he should make. He is a guy that has the talent that you could look at him. And if he were applying it correctly, he would be a top five pick. But the problem is when you watch his gain he's wildly inconsistent. And and I hate to you know, link motivation to a player who by all accounts works hard. And by all accounts, you know, as good team leader in the locker room from what I hear. But he's a young man and young men sometimes are give are sometimes they are. Abled in a way that if it's worked for them, and at a certain level, and they're doing well, then they don't have to address things that are really gonna help them down the line. You can be a good guy. You could be a hard worker and not always work on the right things and one of the things that he doesn't work on. And hasn't worked on enough yet is that his footwork is sloppy. It's he just walked back from the pocket. He's not always in the positioning needs to be throw the ball at balance. And that means he's not gonna throw it always accurately because he leans on that ability to throw off platform with his arm. And sometimes you'll see throws that he could set up and fire the ball with quicker rhythm..

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