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The sack department quarter carter coughlin comes back yet nine and a half sacks last year defensive end but last year he played linebacker you'll see him play both this year i believe is what i saw in the report but his nine and a half sacks that was huge but no one else that comes back had more than two and a half sacks couple good linebackers in barbara and morton hundred forty tackles between them smith and antoine winfield junior if he could stay healthy will anchor the secondary they did lose a couple decent tacklers in fact their top tacklers cashman and huff got one hundred ninety seven tackles last year both those guys are gone but still optimism there for the golden gophers p._j. flex best chance because if smith brooks and abraham all stay healthy you're going to have a loaded backfield and the offense of line if they can do their job and that's where the pressure is going to be but this minnesota team can take time off the clock against some of the teams you know like the wisconsin's like the nebraska's insured the game somehow they avoid michigan michigan state and ohio state from the other half that's huge danny what about the ghost yet see the gophers or one of these teams where less you just kind of scratch your head at they were are you one of the most inconsistent offenses it could go from scored ten points and then the ball game there scored thirty four points i could just not get a read on them from gambling aspect whatsoever but looking at it how you were just sitting on right now i think they're scheduled sets them up pretty well i mean they have the dynamic duo in the back situation with rodney smith and shannon brooks there are you believe one of the top duos in the big ten and of course a quarterback situation will be interesting to see how that pans out with annex said he obviously last year he won the job in the fall that he went down with an injury and tanner morgan stepped up and eat it fairly well so it seems like an extent will probably win the starting job to begin with but you know based on on on how he does it start out we'll see if morgan goes in there even if they switch it off a little bit but i i'm decently high p._j. flake faith that he can get east kind of a head case it seems like from time to time but i honestly think the gophers get shape out that but pretty successful season Negga locks and your take on Minnesota because you know, Danny makes a good point and they closed the year four and two and really weird because you know they beat Indiana. But then they get throttled by twenty four inch champagne against Illinois. And they come back and beat Purdue by thirty one they lose the northwestern. They closed the season out with a crushing victory at Wisconsin by twenty two and then they just buried Georgia Tech in the ball game by twenty four. Yeah. I'm really, really high on Minnesota this year. Late, I suppose, but they're absolutely voted as you guys said have running back wide receivers. I like Kanter Morgan. I'm hoping he actually gets to start GT's a decent quarterback that defense got better as we got later into the season. They score Georgia Tech in Wisconsin seventy-one twenty-five, and they'll have two games. I really don't see a weakness on this game. And as you guys alluded to that schedule their first eight games like the last four tough, ten state, Iowa, north western Wisconsin. But their first eight games. I would be honestly shocked that they didn't get at least six wins, and I think they'll probably have seven, so I think that things are in store for Minnesota this year. And they don't take a lot of they're very good at not taking penalties and their partner possession. They hang onto the ball this, this is going to be good fees for Minnesota. I think, yeah, even though Tedford lost a lot there at Fresno state. That's still a tough place. I've been to bulldog stadium. That's a tough place. You're going all the way across country. We to yoga up with a very good FCS team that made it to the championship game. Last year. South Dakota state jackrabbits always tough you get your southern so you've got to worry about that running game then you go to Purdue I think there is a great chance that they could lose that game. And also the game at home against Nebraska, those two I c pitfalls early on. But we'll wait and see, because Danny, of course, gonna tell us who's husker's are going to run the table. So we'll find out what about those husker's Nebraska, northwestern Purdue, and Wisconsin. We finish up the western half.

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