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Is not the clemson offense. Last year with tee higgins and justin. Ross are maurie. Rodgers was the three travis. It was the four and ohio state granted albeit with first corners. Shut the shit down. I don't think this is an advantage. For clemson. Cornell powell is going to dominate sean weight. Come on man not a chance. I just. I think this game's gonna come down to the slot. It's gonna come down to the core travis out of the backfield amaury rodgers in the slot. How can the safeties. Marcus hooker gonna play a ton. That's the real question. I have is josh proctor. Gonna take a step and become a great player. I told you before. I think that is the guy who lavar volts himself into household name. Category is josh proctor. It's gotta be for them to win this game. I mean you look. At how britain galloway played against miami. I mean he had four catches seventy four yards in two touchdowns. That's the guy that that's what can happen for ohio state. So here's my keys to winning the game for the silver bullets or for clemson either way. The first thing is they have to contain. Trevor lawrence his feet and put pressure on him. Ohio state has been well below average on the edge at d. n. and pressure pre packages. They're their interior pass. Rush has been solid that bodes well for keeping trevor lawrence from scrambling for one hundred yards and really beating house like. He did last year with his feet. Because when you have interior pressure that disrupts now you're forcing to run towards the sideline he's not gonna find those creases up the middle those creases and pass rush because we have ohio state has really solid interior. Pass rushers in tommy tokyo pasco garrett they but ohio state what they need to do is twist the shit out of this line to clutter up some of those escape lanes and bring pressures or simulated pressures to get one on ones and they have to figure out the edge pressure. Game zack. harrison is not going to do it. Jonathan cooper's been really good. Keep riding that stallion. Then you have to find a way to get barron browning on the edge in passing situations. That's what has to happen. Trevor lawrence drops from seventy five percent completion percentage when he's kept clean to thirty nine percent completion percentage when he's under pressure. He has to be pressured but he can't be allowed to escape. The number one thing they have to do right there. that's critical. That's the key. If they do it they win. If they lose. I could stop there. I'm going to give you a three other keys to the game. But that is the key of the game. If trevor lawrence is protected clemson wins. If trevor lawrence escapes the pocket and and keeps plays alive with his feet. Clemson wins if ohio state can find a way through pressure packages and all the different ways to do it right. Simulated pressures they don't even have to blitz just show blitz bring linebackers dropout ends employ some personnel packages with different guys on the field. It's like coaches are so stubborn. What keep your alignment on the field and tough borland cr. That works out well how to lose by fourteen points. Now if they put justin who you're in the game put in bear browning. Diene do some of these things with their personnel to maximize pass rush and keep trevor lawrence running for his life but not escaping the.

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