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This was a major production that that could theoretically. I mean i guess you were. You were not in. It wasn't a huge part. But did you think that this could be the game changer. Well no i didn't i. I think every every time. I go up for something. I think it's a game changer. I still i still go to work for. Maybe this could be the game changer. Kay ivey no. I i i was like. Wow that school a movie you know. I got the movie before i had an agent so it when it was like i skipped a step. Because you know my mind you know. It was like a showcase agent under five extra five speaking role my steps conflict so am house. Kinda hip hop scotch at. But you know the truth is is that through all this time and i was running out of money so i was always working as a waiter like i get a little bit of. Do a little work over. Here i do a little off broadway play. That didn't pay anything. So i would end up going back to two waiting tables. Even when animal house came out. I i had to get my job back. You know i. I went and shot animal house and then and then returned to new york and i didn't work for a while after that so i mean i had the i had to go and get my job back. So did i know it was going to be such an iconic movie. Absolutely not i mean i. I didn't but i do know that. When i walked onto the set and i went through this experience of being called up and being told that i needed to get to oregon soon as possible and being rushed into a a wardrobe fitting and and having my hair all cut off and and walking onto a set and seeing the the the insanity all the people and not knowing nothing about how movies were made. You know i see movies. I watched a lot of movies. I binged on breandan cliff dean. Dust didn't not scorsese's dumping. But never i'd never been on a movie set. I was just like wow fucking incredible. And and and i felt i felt like Like i was home. Where needed to do you know how..

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