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I have a question because you you were making money when you had like umbrellas like the. Oh i know that feeling they did. Did you have a child when broke his. Are we you the you want to know. You wanna know soda depressing. Show fucking half so depressing so we have georgia leeann. I'm featuring a making seven hundred bucks a week. And i gotta pay for flight and hotel. I just tampa. They're not even paying a hundred dollars. Set stuff okay. Same same same thing. Yeah if you're lucky get condo. But if you're not working with great headline you gotta show the condo and you're working with the guy you don't respect and you're not gonna fucking this. Here's ideas on comedy. And and i. I have three weekends up first. One is with david l. nexans with daniel. Tosh i fly home from working with daniel tosh and he says and then louis. Ck after lucy daniel talks. Text me and he goes. Hey poker games. And i go by the way. It wasn't a text any. We talked on the phone. Yeah i think there was texting back. Then yeah but i go. Yeah there's a poker game. I know tuesday night. My buddy has per game. He's a cool. Is it cool. If i come and i was like. Yeah so he goes. I'll pick you up. So he comes in. My house comes up to my house. I have a kid toss also like thirty years. Or maybe he's twenty eight thirty years younger than you young. I'm sure he's got to be younger than me. See how old daniel tosh is. And and i have a kid. I'm living in an apartment. Taj is making legit money right. Legit money's not doing what he is. He's making jet money and buy them up. I introduce him to lianne. He's one of the funniest guys are fucking now. I introduce them my daughter and you can see him she shake. I do not want to see your daughter and by the way that's daniels. I don't wanna see your kid right. I was like come on just getting up. No i don't fucking the what you can turn into this guy that can appreciate a good fucking baby rape joke now. Know i can still get that. So then i said lianne. Hey babe. I need one hundred dollars and she goes. We don't have it. I said no. I'm just going to play poker. She goes yeah. we don't have it. I said no. I'm not gonna lose it. I will win money tonight. The first top eight make money. I'm i need one hundred bucks and she was. We don't have it. And i said just give me a. I know it's not here. Give me a bank card. So i can get one hundred dollars and she looks at me in front downsizing goes honey. We don't have one hundred dollars in our bank account. And i'm like for real. She goes yeah. We don't have any money in daniel news. I am so uncomfortable right now. One hundred dollars to make the stock act. He's forty years younger than me. And so and so. I know you had but see. That's the thing because john. Us a lotta times. I'll i'll hear people say and whenever to each your own. Whatever anybody wants to do but like oh..

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