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Was an ideal of community. First responders are only now reaching this town. They still don't know if everyone made it out. Both the presidential candidates were on the campaign trail on Labor Day President Trump that the White House going after Joe Biden. Fighting wants to surrender our country to the virus. He wants to surrender our families to the violent left wing mob, and he wants to Surrender our jobs to China, and Biden was in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. CBS's Ed O'Keefe, Joe Biden with Labor Union members in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You're the best friend neighbors ever had in the White House. After the meeting, he was asked if he take a Corona virus vaccine if one becomes available this year. I wouldn't want to be with his running mate, Kamala Harris said Sunday that she wouldn't just trust President Trump's word on a vaccine. I will not take his word for it. He wants us to inject bleach in Rochester, New York, More protests yesterday following body Cam video showing police arresting a black man Daniel proved last March. He died a week later, A number of Rochester officers have been suspended. There are concerns about Labor Day gathering spreading covert 19. Here's CBS's Nicky Batiste hot spots like Florida, yet another grid milestone with Corona virus related deaths. Now, topping 12,000. Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb fears holiday gatherings will spark another more dangerous spike in new cases. And the one after Memorial Day weekend. We're heading into the fall in the winter when we would expect a respiratory pathogen like a corona virus to start spreading more aggressively. And then it would. In a summer typed Amazon is taking action about so called mystery seeds here. CBS's Matt Piper Alison has banned foreign sales of seeds in the U. S. After Americans across the country received suspicious packages of seeds. Many originating in China earlier this summer. Under the online retailers that new policy overseas seed vendors are prohibited from importing plant or seed products into the U. S. Non residents of the U. S are also banned for bringing seeds into the country. Wall Street was closed yesterday because of Labor Day in Asia trading today, the Nikkei gained 184 points This is CBS News, Traffic and Weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes, 303. And we're going to take a look downtown where the pike and the river roads air fine. No trouble on the lower deck Lever Connector or the Tobin Bridge and forgetting the airport, the Sumner County and Ted Williams Tunnel. We'll all get you there on time. No trouble getting back. North of town. 93 you get from 1 28 to the second bridge in 10 minutes. Route three looks good. 1, 28 and 4 95 or an easy ride and route 1 13 minutes from the Lynnfield Tunnel down to 93 south of the city. No wish issues on the expressway route Three of 40 minute ride both ways within the brain tree Split and the Sagamore Bridge. 95 gets you from Rhode Island. To Canton in about half hour route 24 also in good Shape west, the pike for 95 to Logan Airport in 30 minutes. Ruutu on Route nine are fine. This report sponsored by the ad council. ATTENTION all thrift. There's those awesome find you get a goodwill are even awesome er than you may realize because as a nonprofit goodwill uses your purchases to fund job training and more In our neighborhoods Learn more goodwill dot org's partly cloudy skies. 67 degrees Steve Perez w Easy traffic on the threes. Here's the four day W B Z AccuWeather forecast on this Tuesday morning will be mostly clear, also comfortable those generally between 60 and 65 warm later today, with plenty of sun Hi's between 80 and 85 in Boston, the most Western suburbs. However, it'll be in the seventies and the beaches. Increasing cloudiness tonight. The low 66 tomorrow not a warm but more humid with clouds and a few sunny breaks eyes between 75 80 on Thursday with varying amounts of clouds human with a shower on some occasions high 80 Our Mackey weather meteorologist. Cara Bobinsky double Visi Boston's news radio. Good morning. I'm Jan Watkins. Here's what's happening. A covert 19 cluster in New Hampshire is being blamed on a UNH frat party. BBC TV's Michael across has more. The university says There were more than 100 people at their party last month, and they're encouraging anyone who was there. To get tested right away. Just wear your mask. Students at the University of New Hampshire are disappointed the Corona virus spread following a recent France party that puts us in danger and it doesn't make me safe to go on campus. UNH says 11 people who went to a party at a fate Akai on August 29th have tested positive for the virus. The university says that more than 100 people attended the party. Some We're not wearing masks. The fraternity is now under in Trump's suspension, and the school's president says. Let me be clear. This is reckless behavior and the kind of behavior that undermines our planning and will lead to us switching to a fully remote model. We have repeatedly asked all members of our community to practice and adhere to public health guidelines to reduce the spread of Cove. It A spokesman from the fraternity's National office released a statement saying students health and safety are essential to data Kai's mission. The fraternity expects chapters to follow all applicable laws and regulations. You know the students really after the three things where those masks physical distance and don't get together and party Durham Town manager Todd Selig says he's a really disappointed with this student's behavior. You know, it only takes a few bad actors in a party like this to set things in a negative direction. Students are hoping the parties will stop so they can stay on campus. I'm a little magic because we're paying to go here and eventually it's gonna have to go online just like it did last Spring. Members of the fraternity are required to quarantine for.

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