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From NPR news in Washington I'm Shea Stevens president trump says he's lifting economic sanctions on Turkey after it agreed to a permanent ceasefire in northern Syria as NPR's I use a Roscoe reports the trump administration plans to monitor turkeys agreement with Russia to conduct joint military patrols in parts of Syria ministration official says Turkey should be careful about any deals it makes with Russia the official said the US will be keeping an eye on the treatment of people living in those areas and urged all sides to ensure that no civilians are forcibly removed from their homes Turkey and Russia agree that both countries will patrol the land currently occupied by Kurdish military forces once the Kurdish fighters withdraw the move made blues Russian influence in the region with Russian troops that to replace US troops who want to patrol the area president trump has said the US will leave a residual force in Syria but has not specified how many service members will remain I use a Rasco MPR news Washington for the second time this month Pacific gas and electric a shuttle service because of windy conditions that could knock down power lines and sparked fires the genie says the latest outage affects nearly a hundred and eighty thousand homes and businesses in the Sierra foothills and north of the San Francisco Bay Area end date of southern California Edison says more than three hundred thousand of that utilities customers may lose power for the same reason beginning tomorrow afternoon the decision to shut the car off we don't take it lightly the reality is that we live in these communities in the US armed police it's our families our friends and we had a power we talked about customers we are the customers neither says southern Edison plans to send people to the homes of critical care customers utility cannot reach my phone to make sure that they're okay during the outage actress writer rose McGowan is suing former movie producer Harvey Weinstein and two of one stings lawyer the lawsuit follows publication of a book by journalist Ronan Farrow the detailed one seems alleged misconduct against a gallon and others and Pierce rose Friedman has more according to the complaint quote this case is about a diabolical and illegal effort by one of America's most powerful man and his representatives to silence sexual assault victims unquote that victim is rose McGowan who alleges that winds dean raped her in nineteen ninety seven and then covered it up she alleges that winds dean his lawyers Lisa bloom and David Boies and the private intelligence agency black cube used illegal and unethical methods to silence her including ruining her reputation in the media she is suing for fraud invasion of privacy emotional distress and racketeering once the INS lawyer for this case issued a statement calling McGowan quote a publicity seeker looking for money rose Friedman NPR news New York one three stocks closed higher today the Dow gained forty five points this is NPR news the Florida Senate has voted to remove Broward county sheriff's got Israel over his response to the mass shooting that killed seventeen people at a high school in parkland last year a state Senate committee rejected a special investigators finding that governor Ron Disentis undermined the will of voters when he suspended Israel earlier this year Israel who was elected in two thousand twelve says he'll run for sheriff again in twenty twenty Colorado's Attorney General released a sweeping report on child sex abuse in the Catholic Church Colorado public radio is Allison sherry has details from Denver the report found over the course of several decades more than a hundred and sixty Colorado kids were abused by forty three priests many of those priests are now dead but some were transferred to other parishes around the country with no punishment Carter Attorney General Phil wiser it's unimaginable and the most painful part for me was that we have had stories told us victims coming forward and they weren't supported the report is sharply critical of how the church continues to keep track of priests and records of abuse Catholic Church officials in Colorado say they will embrace recommendations for reform including appointing an independent monitor for NPR news I'm Alison sherry in Denver Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg defended the company's proposed digital currency during hours long testimony today before the house financial services committee he tried to reassure lawmakers at Facebook will not move forward with the plan before receiving approval from all financial regulators I'm she Stevens NPR news in Washington support for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include the rain foundation in support of N. P. R.'s continued mission to create a more informed public one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding of events ideas and cultures and.

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