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A message from the american academy of neurology he's said the center party wonderful genetic did so much planning and house looks great well you now it was almost cancelled did you hear that bill was really sick with the flu two weeks ago now i had no idea i've been so busy a work but my coworkers tomba was in the hospital with fruit to is still okay it was pretty serious and aggravated his asthma bill got sick quickly with a high fever fortunately janette got him to the doctor right away the doctor said it was flew and prescribed medication that help him get back on its feet now i didn't know fluids so serious until it heard you'll safe felt like he'd been hit by a truck you mr big meeting at work well thank goodness dinette had gotten her flu shot because he now she's expecting oh man i guess i was another thing you guys didn't know either a message from the department of health and human services on loved playing high school sports i love the competition the camaraderie the bands the crowds all the pageantry and i wanted to keep playing but i graduated no colleges called and neither did the pros so to stay close to the game i loved i decided to become a high school official you know a referee when i played high school sports i learned the importance of integrity good sportsmanship and respect for the rules now as a high school official i get to help model the same values to others maybe the colleges and the pros didn't call but the kids in the brass could do and now i'm enjoying the competition the camaraderie the bands the crowds and all the pageantry of high school sports all over again this message presented by the nebraska small activities association and the nebraska state interest elastic athletic administrators association the american legion honors our newest generation of warriors.

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