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The time is two hours and four minutes. Obviously this is going to be bringing back. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Palo Nunez Jacob Skip. Yo Joe Pantoliano keep del. Castillo Theresa Randle Vanessa Hudgens Alexander Ludwig and Charles Melton are also in this film directors are a deal and Bella also known as a deal L. RV and allow the La screenplay credited to Chris. Bremner Peter Craig and Joe Carnahan. Got Bad boys three. It had been in the works at least for ten years. The script phase actually began back in two thousand nine Columbia pictures at that time aside. Peter Craig he was the CO writer of Ben. Affleck's the town. He got the first pass. None of the principal players had yet signed on to return but they were all amenable if there was a good story to come back to you in they wanted him to deliver a good script and also pending the studio paying for their higher prices. At the time Martin Lawrence would keep his schedule open open. This can be any way for the return. And he waited on the rest of the main cast and creative talent to find their own windows of opportunity and commit to it David Guggenheim. He was the creator of designated survivor. And also the scribe for safe house. He did some credited screenplay work in twenty fourteen by twenty sixteen. This thing been really moving forward. Joe Carnahan he announced he was revising that Peter Craig script and would also serve as the director for bad boys for life which is what he dubbed it for a pending 2017. Release any would follow that up with a fourth FILM TO BE RELEASED IN. Twenty nineteen however there were production delays of course and there were ultimately creative differences between Joe. Carnahan Will Smith that caused Carnahan to vacate the director's chair. His edition of the Hotshot Young AMMO team remains through the next revision so Carnahan does retain a screenplay credit here in two thousand seventeen will smith. He used the opportunity for Sony to find a new director. He ended up signing on to do other. Projects including Disney's live-action remake of Aladdin. He did contemplate starring also in Tim Burton's Dumbo for Disney. And that would push for the production date yet again. Craig. Bremner did the final revision of the script and soon principal filming would begin in twenty eighteen moroccan-born Belgian trained filmmakers a deal L. RBM BELLA. They signed on to direct the. It impressed Jerry Bruckheimer and will smith with their prior effort back in two thousand fifteen called Black Joe. Carnahan was attached at that time but when he vacated Bruckheimer remembered them and he approached them to take it up according to Will Smith. Michael Bay was out of their price range to return as director for bad boys. Three or bad boys for life so the ended up taking a chance on this talented duo that were far less expensive options. Although they are relative newcomers to Hollywood they do pack their film here with the same aesthetic vibe and that penchant for personality based humor that Michael Bay did so well or maybe poorly depending on your opinion of Michael Bay in those first two entries. They deliberately have constructed by boys. For Life AS Roma's beyond just bad boys day. Dip into the lethal weapon series the die hard series for a lot of inspiration. Tony Scott directed flicks of the one thousand nine hundred ninety s and a lot of other tropes you can find in many over the top action thrillers from the mid to late nineteen nineties. There are a lot more practical sense here. Lot less green screening. I think than a lot of action films that come out today. Delivers similarly high-octane lowbrow entertainment. And it all looks very aesthetically good and that means that all roles here are cast for looks over talent. Everything looks very high tech. The police station department looks like it's in a multi-million dollar command center and computer terminals one of my pet peeves displays all of the blue and bleeps and random numbers and whizbang doodads displayed. All over the place. No one in real life would tolerate that from their computers. Unless you're into Michael Base films for the way that he tries to pick up the skirt or down. The blouses of his female cast members. I think his style is not going to be missed it all here because in every other way they touch all the bases that bay usually does but if you miss Michael Bay anyway just know that he does make cameo appearance in bad boys for life however even if they cribbed from Michael Bay. Who's not necessarily well respected among those critics? Although fans tend to like his films the handling of the characters here and drying out solid performances by will Smith and Martin Lawrence. It seems to be better all around better than the first two films. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence work extensively with potential supporting actors to had a chemistry test for them to see if they wanted to play off of one. Another in the film and that led to the casting of Hudgens and Ludwig and Melton Reagan's Nicky Jam also audition but he had an inside track to the role he had a prior relationship with. Will Smith they song together for the World Cup. It was lit up will Smith. He ended up taking a pay cut for an executive producer roll through his deal with overbrook entertainment that they have with Sony pictures so he gets a percentage of the profit in exchange for lower upfront costs and the banter that you expect from a bad boys film. It's all still here and I would say that. That banter is bad boy for life. Saving grace just enough of it providing the requisite smiles and guffaws for longtime fans to come away feeling like the wait was pretty much worth it will Smith and Martin Lawrence. They were really well together. They're really worth watching even win. Whatever else is going on is not remotely interesting. Smith continues to play the macho shoot. I Cop Mike Lowry. Will Smith here not missing a step. Even though he's twenty five years older than his debut in the franchise well I guess one step may be missed. He's decided that he's beyond doing all of his own stunts. This time out. He said the stuntman can do it. This time Martin Lawrence. He gets the biggest laughs here. Lampooning life as a family man. Marcus Burnett. He clearly craves putting down the dangerous light behind him to fulfill his new role as a grandfather. His partner Mike gets gunned down by this up and coming Miami crime kingpin named Armando Armas. Who POPs a few rounds into him at the direction of his ruthless mothers named Isabel? They're getting revenge on all of these cops lawyers who took down her drug lord husband years before unlike the never subtle. Michael Bay. A deal and bill do show a lot of cleverness in their delivery to make a handful of their scenes. Rise to the top of the franchise through montage that depicts contrasting lives of vengeful Mike. And they comfortable retirement. Marcus Mike cranks down on gearshift during hot pursuit. And then you see Marcus. Pulled DOWN ON THE LEVER TO PICK UP THE FOOT. Rest of his recliner. There's a few running gags like that moral scenes like this. I think would be welcomed. They do remain more. The exception than the norm here but due to Marcus making a pact with God to hang up the bad boys life if Mike Pulse through from his shooting he refuses to join forces with his longtime partner on exacting revenge on Armando and to help supplement the cover loose cannon Mike teams up with the by the Book Ammo Division of the Police Force Group of young guns with high tech weapons and of course when tragedy strikes once again mark is going to get off that recliner for one more chance at the guts and glory to ride or die with the bad boys. You know the action. Alas they're all still here a couple of surprisingly well done. Emotional beets are here to enough for this to land about as well is one of the latter half films in the fast and furious franchise if you'd like those films. I think you're probably enjoy a lot of what bad boys for. Life has to offer the quality of the film. Though I can't get to ecstatic. The film does begin to go astray during the finale. It bites off more than it can chew in this story department and really asks us to try to believe in black magic witchery and a backstory to Mike. Lowery's past needlessly ties him to the bad guys in ways that raise far more questions I think than answers by the time it rolls credits but given that it seems like it's going to be continuing on with the fourth film. I guess it does have a chance to answer these questions. But in addition to that there are some echoes here in the reveals that will remind you of will Smith prior film called Gemini Man. They're really connected in a lot of ways in terms of the plotline and they do both share the same composer.

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