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Required like Colorado plays host your next event Colorado plays dot com radio time is three thirty nine season which can heavy rain in parts of the front range and into the half of rain fell in thirty minutes just before three this afternoon east of monumental Paso Canley swiftwater posing an additional risk for visitors this year to rocky mountain national park park officials warning visitors to stay out of rivers and creeks and as far away from flowing water as possible a massive lawsuit filed against the Durango Silverton railroad for last year's for sixteen fired for service in bring this lawsuit believe that the the railroads responsible ultimately that's going to be a question for court US attorney Jason done and what the for service one this is a civil lawsuit that actually is for the cost of fighting the fire plus the rehabilitation cost the cost of fighting last year's fifty four thousand acre fire is twenty five million dollars investigators are trying to figure out why Los Angeles angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs died yesterday while the team was on the road in Texas on time she is now done on Tyler Skaggs and it was inconclusive the Tarrant county medical examiner telling ABC news Skaggs cause of death you still pending now we'll take toxicology tests to help figure out why Skaggs died and that could take weeks police say there is no evidence at Skaggs was murdered or committed suicide as ABC's Alex stone the angels on Rangers say tonight's game will go on as scheduled in taxes there will be a moment of silence and Skaggs honor him his wife had been married just seven months our next news updates at four o'clock I'm Susan what Kim K. weight is radio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM together now with John Morrissey a few minutes ago last time we talked with traffic as he does pretty good drive out of B. plus forget it forget all I said that your racer racer race we got a lot of problems westbound I. seventy two left lanes blocked by crash.

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