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He was fifty three also passing passing away on this date. Amanda blake kitty russell on the t._v. Show gunsmoke new zealand professional wrestler pat o'connor a great athlete actor william windham and a fine gentleman gentleman and dictator. Idi amin was on this date. In one thousand nine. Hundred sixty two algeria admitted the arab league in one thousand nine hundred seventy five serial killer ted bundy originally arrested for suspicion of burglary only later to escape twice and in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven elvis presley dying get graceland his memphis home from heart failure the age of forty two and completed and the cause of death is cardiac arrhythmia due to undetermined causes. What this means is that there are several of cardiovascular disease is present which include a history of mild hypertension pretension which was under pretty good control and some <hes> coronary artery disease now these two diseases. It may have been responsible for this cardiac arrhythmia. The precise calls has not yet been determined while the cardiac arrhythmia it may take several days to several weeks to determine that specific cause and in some cases it never is discovered shelby county medical examiner jerry francisco who also said there was no evidence serb drug use ruling out an overdose in nineteen eighty-four carmaker. John delorean acquitted of all eight counts of possession and distributing cocaine in in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven northwest airlines flight two fifty five mcdonnell douglas m._d. Eighty two crashed after takeoff in detroit.

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