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I also think it's a different NFL. That's a different league. Camera to school in from Colorado. Kim you on CBS Sports radio. You get the last word camp. Well, I agree that the chief's gonna claim that chip on their shoulder next year, but you gotta remember that they've got to face the charges twice with Dustin Herbert. And then the Broncos just got new general manager and George Patton. On the Vikings is a proven winner. And with wait a minute. Cam Cameron Jackson. Cameron Cameron. I know you live in Colorado. Please tell me why you would be confident. In the Kansas City Chiefs right now, thinking about the Bronco's not knowing who the hell the quarterback is gonna be locked. Why would they want? Why would they care? Because there's been talks. With cream Jackson saying that just that this on Watson is interesting and going. Oh, my goodness. Well, cam Well, they have been there have been talks about the Shawn Watson ending up in New York. They have been talks about him ending up in Miami. Me and you are talking right now. It doesn't necessarily amount to a whole lot. I don't think The Chiefs give a damn. The Broncos actually have to win something first. Yeah, I know that much. I'm not a I'm not a Broncos fan, though, but I don't know. They got a face. Justin Herbert Herbert? Yeah, quarterback for the Chargers. Correct And And I would say the charges all their biggest threat in their own division. But Guess what they have to do. They gotta win first, too. How about how about they gotta build a team around? Yes, yes. Well, how about these teams actually become winners first. I'm just saying, Man, I think that's I. I'm glad you understand. I think that's very important. We could talk about the what ifs. There are a whole lot of what ifs. Can can Can the charges actually turn around and Deal winning team. Can they be on the opposite side of 500? Give or take some tight losses? Yeah. Let's see how things work out with their new coach. Let's see a folks figure out Herbert. I could think about the good and the bad things that can happen. We'll let them actually be want us first. Nobody worried about no losers. You worried about what's going on in your own yard. Don't think Patrick my homes and Andy Reid go to sleep at night worrying about the Broncos and the Chargers. Let them become threats first. Get the F C North. I can look at the Cleveland Browns. How many years it took him So right now this moment. Until a month ago. For the Pittsburgh Steelers to go. Oh, yeah, they kicked our ass. Even.

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