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She conned Calatrava ended up having to testify that he was in the process of trying to become a somebody himself out from underneath his father shadow sort of. He was trying to build his portfolio when miss Sorek and told him of for plans to open a private club called ADF, which was gonna stand for Anna Delhvi foundation. She said it was going to be a lot like SoHo house in New York, which is one of the more popular bar slash nightclubs. In all the world and more exclusive in all the world. And there was going to have an art exhibit is well in he agreed to design it so from the get-go, and I mean, you have to wonder. This is the same thing. I sort of wondered in the in the case of that. They're no steel where she was Elizabeth homes. I remember the name look at me. She was off conning all these old white dude's rich white dude's it made me wonder immediately. Like, I right. She seducing these guys because the has to come in the players there's a sexual. Yeah. If there's a sexual elements warmer fashion, right like she was taking advantage, and as a woman one at the very least. Yeah. One of your advantages over men, especially older men that you know, most likely horny in weird lonely lonely would be sexuality would be flirting would be would be trying to develop the relationship. And that's what if I was a con artist. And I was a woman. That's certainly what I would do. So I can't imagine it's any different from this Sorkin or Elizabeth homes are or any of the like now, I don't think that applied to Billy McFarland. Maybe it did one of his main investors was a woman of very respected Newark businesswoman. She was she is. Anymore? Maybe there was a sexual element to that. I have no idea. I'm simply speculating about how this could have been folded in reality Missourian did not have a single fucking penny to her name as she's pitching to Calatrava that she's an heiress and she wants to build a nightclub to compete with so house didn't have a fucking penny. Her father was reportedly a former truck driver from Russia who runs a heating and cooling business in Germany and supported her for years. He's in a C guy. No offense to the guys that are H VAT guys of the world, we need those guys. We need you bad, especially here in Texas. Oh, man, y'all more than ever right now. No bullshit respect to the vacuum. In fact, respect to all the like, I don't know what that kind of job is called like, for instance. My garage door broke the other day, and I had a garage door KAI guy. Come out, that's like a very specific skill set that specializes in garage doors. Shouts to all those type of dudes because in women because we've we need you. Badly. I can't do a whole lot on my own when it comes to garage door repair. So thank you. Thank you for being there didn't have a penny. This woman comes from very humble roots in Russia, and she'd left Russia or Germany, I guess where she.

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