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He battled some injuries off and on. But i i like tim i really did. Only twelve percent of the whole thing. He's going to be the guy next season but The they've got a stacked looking wide receiver core. Which again does that put more pressure on. A guy like drew lock. Hey you have the weapons now. And i wrote a blog about this last year before the season i feel like the broncos gave drew lock the keys to a jet when he should be driving in eighty nine. Old four pickup. Just get used to it. That was last. Year was essentially your rookie year. They talked about dumbing down the offense throughout the season okay. They've tried to make those adjustments halfway through. But i tried to tell you. I tried to tell you you're over overcomplicating all this by adding all these weapons and when you add a lot of weapons you have to make the offense complex so that you can get those weapons involved. Do the broncos go back and send try to simplify. Well that's tough because now you're not getting sutton patra judy. Hamler noah fant melvin gordon. You're not getting these guys involved as much if it's a simple offense so i'm i'm intrigued by that but drew locks the guy. Don't be shocked. Tim patrick suddenly emerges as the top wide receiver. And then i tell you what denver whatever decision to make next season because they put the tender on. Tim patrick do you. Keep a guy like patrick. Give them more money knowing that. Okay courtland sutton is on there and Eventually your your hope. Is that jerry jeudy and keiji handler become become guys that are going to warrant big numbers. Big contract just weird. It's a tough problem to have you. You don't wanna pay a lot of money but you want all your players to get to that point where they're worth that kind of dollar so yeah it's trust me. It's going gonna be interesting when you look at these contracts. I mean sutton's than his rookie deal still he'll be off at the end of Twenty twenty wanna thank right so there will be some decisions. But i wouldn't be shocked if drew lock the guy. He relied on tim patrick. He looked his way. Didn't seem like he clicked with jerry jeudy first year okay. We'll see if that i it. Sounds like judy's kind of wanting teddy bridgewater. He's talked about his his spin of the ball. The way he places the ball. So i mean. Judy doesn't seem to fit necessarily with so i. I wouldn't be shocked if tim. Patrick comes out of this as the top dog next year. We'll see go. Vote at the whole show dot com. That's our power to play. Sports poll question of the day. Courtland sutton getting the majority of the votes at this stage and then tobacco. Judy and patrick are tied now at twenty five percent so go vote again at the whole show dot.

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