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Plus subscription for one year and receive a pair of signed gloves from one of the main event fighters. All you have to do is visit ebay dot com slash E._S._p._N.. That's ebay dot com slash E._S._p._N.. To bid on this experience but hurry up the auction ends at six P._M.. Eastern on Wednesday which happens to be the night this podcast gets released like just in a couple of hours so try better get this quickly and he's probably wishing that that Carmichael David I would shut up already all proceeds benefit. The Foundation for cancer research in the fight against cancer will never give up there. You Go ebay dot com slash E._S._p._N.. You have see back and sat down. There's also a bell tower her and won a lot going on this weekend Nice Little Card on E._S._p._N.. Plus remained Iran me against Aspen ladder I favor against Ricky Simone. Josh Emmett against mere setback tick some of the fights on the humane card but also the prelims some good names as well Andre Touchy feely. How about the return of Julianna Pena? Who's now a mom going up against Nickel Montana? We haven't seen in forever how about Darren Elkins going up against Ryan Hall. I'm looking forward to that so some interesting names there on the card and we will talk about that and how favors return went and probably a whole bunch of other things next week on program but for now we are at a time. Thank you very much to all of you ten you it to download and subscribe and all those things as far as this podcast is concerned love. Doing it and I appreciate you doing it so that we could keep on doing it. Thank you very much. Thank you to our guests this week marker Monday of E._S._p._N.. Year Creek also of E._S._P._N.. And the Great Carmichael Carmichael Dave of K. H. T. K. eleven forty sports tremendous insight from all of them all right. We're out of time again. Thank you for your time. Thank you for listening. Enjoy the fights. I'll talk to you next week.

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