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As i was the night with a little bit of history with regard to you and i i raised myra you are the first republican lieutenant governor in georgia history yeah sure i am who had struck me as weird i thought wait a minute it's shorjah but i guess there are two things number one it's a position that the state did not have until about nineteen forty seven and for most of that you go through what we might call kind of ezell miller era an era when there could be such a thing especially in the south as a fairly conservative democrat won't you're you're right i mean over the years uh i was first elected to the state senate back to 1994 was actually the first republican elected to the states and at from hall county um but you're right i mean we were surrounded by conservative democrats here in the south end it took sonny perdue who became uh governor and then as a result we were able to get uh switches in and obviously get the majority but it's been a great great ron um obviously and we as conservatives we've been able to do some remarkable things that obviously impacted the citizens in a in a very positive way uh we did a defenseminded an outlawed sanctuary cities have which is a major issue and i'm in the middle of a fight right now with one of our city suck currently that he's not abiding by the rules and sadly enough making their law enforcement officers violate the rows of office and not to mention the safety of their citizens says all of these issues uh you know conservatives a right now wherever the fight harder than we ever have it seems because they're the tidal wave um you know is against us up particularly among the liberals and and many of the corporation's at wanted join.

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