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We do if you people think for show which is all fifty four. Yeah thirteen fifty four starting with lori al ryan. A great name from states ville north carolina. One thirty three thirty. Three michael gilbert went. Oh three thirty three way on microwave. Michael requests a you spend. Please call my co worker. Tom as a douchebag bag what way in kartini in torrington connecticut one hundred rob van dyke rob. Rob i think hundred Stephen little in inglewood inglewood colorado. Yeah i think there's an poet him my screen. Here we go. I'm sorry lost my laura valerie. Steen's land in kirkland washington. One hundred home of the kirkland line of products joseph wife seventy seven seventy seven in miami michael Goose pronounced like vegas goose vegas Okay tustin california six twenty. Can you pronounce it like michael. Michael rego's radius like vegas. Instructions are right there. I can't read now michael I think we have a note here. Do we not know but michael says. I don't know why this is not here. This officially puts me in exactly one thousand dollars donations. You can name me sir. Whatever you want to name me Thanks as always for the great work so ask you for yes. I don't know if he's on the list here. I don't think so You know must have been missed. So why don't you continue filling his details. That that's making michael. Michael ray reagan. Though says he says you could name me sir. Whatever you wanna name me in quotes okay. Well and that's what. Yeah that's what he's going to get. You're taking in literally. I think that's what he wants. Okay well that's what he's getting. Michael read besides if that's what he wants to somebody gets might michelle rudd in eagle idaho. Six nine to one and this other six nine to one donations whereas you just kinda suggested in a male. Did you notice how he did that. Very very slick. Andre a jew i though this is a hollander. So he's in he's in Vic levin his name. Is andre pitch you on the repeat peach peach peach peach algebra fake leg so close james foster belmont a new north carolina. Six nine to one. Now these are all nine sixty nine. Twenty one is this Do we have some special date. Six nine to one mission in the newsletter okay. Adriana marya maria van davar who's also in holland from the farms get andrea maria van devora from the fired so close blank essex. Nine hundred mikhail blang in houston six hundred twenty one anonymous nine. Twenty one in birmingham alabama. Brian taylor in houston texas. Sixty nine thirteen robert wa willie. In muncie indiana say seven. Sixty two in bethesda maryland fifty. Six twenty four robert. Wyllie was sixty six. Sir roger on ice in tampa. Florida fifty five fifty five thomas roberts fifty five thirty three sir chris rap capulets of the rolling bones and kassar ontario fifty five ten robert wood fifty five ten in benbrooke texas ryan sir. Jerry curled night of all things greasy in raleigh north carolina. Fifty five ten and baron economic hitman in houston texas the one following people fifty dollar donors locations groups our choice. Our what's going on here control. Sorry my My system just went haywire. Robert deck anna in fairfax virginia and all fifties. Michael hainer in paris california. Burt beak another. Dutchman burke beak dr bains vega bake bake vilder bake ville there in worse he. He's in vegas federal federal. I never get enough of it. Fell north albums Eleven burger Xenia ohio for jonathan mayer raymond berries in lost wages brett lemons and mitchell. Indiana joe's of drouin in bakersfield christopher rivera in Austin texas stephen shoe make shoemark in xenia. Ohio jared regal in regina saskatchewan pronounces like jesse hall in friendswood. Zoo friends would take the mil chintzy in stevenson ranch. California greg goof. Feerick in chicago edward mass. I believe in memphis tennessee. Also rene tobacco in people. Another dutch person renate tobacco and metal. We will as soon as we are. Vacs passports we must go to holland. John we must must less. We must ensure jason delusional chad's for pennsylvania's last. Wanna thank all these folks are making show thirteen fifty four the winner that it is indeed. Thank you all and thanks everybody who came in under that That fifty dollar level which we do keep for reasons of anonymity but we see you and is very much appreciated. We do have a note from mark could drowsy who will be knighted today. I'm officially no agenda night. I wish to be dumpster plane crash. Because i was a pilot in one injuries. Too long list. I'll just say that. I almost died a coma for a month. Have a prosthetic fused other ankle. Brain injury brain bleed partial paralysis etc. Perfect no agenda producer material no jingles and nothing added to the roundtable mutton and meet hookers and blow for everybody. My thing is very much overdue. I reached it at the end of two thousand nineteen i very much valued deconstruction and. I'm on a thirty three thirty three dollars a month plan. I've been listening for nine years and it's put into words things that i've been skeptical about all along. Superpower is putting things in a historical perspective curry superpower. The way you run the damn show yay to retz and he goes on to say. I refuse to get the job. I think if you're in a plane crash and you have all that you don't need. I mean you could take twenty jobs you you you. You're bulletproof my friend. I refuse to get the job. My sister and brother-in-law refused to see me. Because of that tees in discussions. That i was not part of with my parents and then my brother in law said well. He's responsible for the killing of his kids there. Ten thirteen and sixteen years. Old horribly insensitive. An awful to say the least not to mention the fact that if they are unlikely enough to get it as it's almost one hundred percent survival rate for kids under eighteen and then i realized he's a tenured professor at the university of minnesota p works in the biomedical field. Most definitely talks to professor. Oester home my brother-in-law's about the same status as he is and worked in a loosely related field by get a perverse kick out of oester home even though i'm vaccinated i don't want to breathe the air of people who are but not just goes to show how entitled elitist they really are in collegiate america. Stay safe safety says well. Thank you very much mark and you are on the list. Thanks again to all of the producers Great show everybody. We're going to wrap it up with a couple of fun things before we go reminder that.

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