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Is nathan coach. An ted laso. Oh you need to stand but it makes it a lot easier to do. This is not to me too. That's the only to consider this our agreed you season to ted lasso is now underway. And that means that. We're all being treated to more hilarious. Scenes of jason's uday casses signature coaching character and his unyielding positively. One time thing. So let's get away from the bad mo jo coming off that penalty box and you'll have fun. Just kick some corner lot of midnight so today our teams last vacation here were replaying. An episode of the lead the first aired back in march the athletics. Rushton dodd track down the real life coach who inspired the ted lasso. Character at least in part and rushton joins us to talk about that coach and the impact he had on jason davis from wondering and the athletic. I'm under scotto. it's friday august thirteenth. And this is the lead. I for anyone who has the unfortunate fate of not having watched head lasso yet. What are you even doing people. How would you describe the character of ted lasso. So i think ted so is it shouldn't be a serious character right. This is a college football coach from kansas. Who is going over to coach. Manage in the english premier league. The whole setup feels absurd. Which i think is why the character seems to work so well because this guy is a. He's folksy. he has these things he will say. I mean come on. Sam was more open than the jar peanut butter on my kitchen counter. That's right y'all don't know. I like to keep the peanut butter open. That way whenever i walk back and just stick my finger and yet he has this inner goodness that i think when when he comes across people that they seem to react to you coaching football make. You are a legend for doing something. So i mean it's meno murdy well you know. I've heard that tune before. But here i am still dancing. Ted last. So is the quintessential mid western kindness guy. You know a guy who wants to do well in the world treat other people the right way and just kind of live life with optimism and kindness and all those like grape characteristics that we'd all like to have. Yeah i think it really is his relentless optimism. That wins you over in the show. Is there a particular scene in the series that you think really captures that element of his personality. You know i was thinking about this. In the first episode. He's gone over to england. He's been introduced to the media. He talks to the team. And everybody's obviously it's not going well and then him and coach beard kind of redecorate the office. They put up the john wooden pyramid of success. They put up. All these american touchstones like muhammad ali poster in the miracle on ice poster all in the office. And then roy kent the kind of the you know. The quintessential english footballer. He comes in the office and he calls him ronald mcdonald and i think he uses an expletive and then he leaves the office and ten lasso goes he thinks may now wait. We win them over if he thinks he's mad. Now wait until we win them over. There's something about that line. Something about the manner in which he is that you can't get enough you can't like not love. The guy russin jason's today kiss has talked in interviews about some of the influences for his ted lasso character. And it's it's real mishmash of legendary coaches like john wooden bill self liverpool coach jurgen klopp even but he's also mentioned someone who is certainly not as well known my high school basketball coach johnny campbell at china's west. He used a quote a lot of his stuff Someone who you actually tracked down in person. So who is donnie campbell. So johnny campbell is jason. Today is high school basketball coach college football and college basketball player at kansas state university before that he grew up in a tiny town in the middle of kansas lyons kansas. He went on became a math teacher and a high school basketball coach at a number of different places in the kansas city area. For most of the nineties he was at a high school called shawnee mission west. Where jason's today kaz went to school. Kinda the quintessential classic suburban high school basketball coach. Like even. if you've never seen donnie campbell you probably know. The person i'm describing. No think big suburban high school. What does that basketball coach look like. That's kind of what donnie campbell. Looks like you recently. Wrote the donnie campbell's coaching style was actually as opposite of ted lasso. As it gets to lasso in the show is not a yeller. But donnie campbell. Apparently was high school basketball coach. Who was a big yellow and screamer would get spit on his lip when he'd be yelling at off scary. So how exactly did donnie campbell influence. The ted lasso character. Yes so donnie. Campbell was sort of pattern more off of maybe like especially in his earlier. Days as sort of a bob knight character. You know the the old indiana coach you yelled. A lot was very intense all about discipline but he had a couple of things that rubbed off on jason number one was that he loved quotes and he loved john. Wooden quotes coaching. I would always have a quote of the day some life motto about make each day your masterpiece or drink deeply from good books. Or you know. These quotes about success in competitiveness in enthusiasm and all these sort of cornerstones of life. You had these sort of sayings. This was not jason zero but another player. That played for donnie later in the two thousands. They mac linemen remember this sort of line that he said one time he was like remember man. He's like he got to get enough sleep. Can't thousand and fly with eagles morning it was just a a one liner. You would drop every now and then you can't who would the els at night and fly with the eagles. In the morning you know other players that played a former remembered like he was the kind of guy like you know if you looked a little too relaxed and practice he might come up to you and say. Hey are you okay. Do you need a bag of chips you know like. Can i get you any popular. Can i get you anything like you. Okay here like he's sort. It was just that kind of guy who had these sort of country homespun words of wisdom for the guys and you mentioned the john wooden pyramid of success that appears in ted lasso's office on the show. That's apparently something that jason today kaz learned about from his high school. Coach johnny campbell. Can you tell us about the pyramid of success and the impact that it had on jason john wooden pyramid success. Was this sort of legendary kind of his way of coaching. His kind of guide to life each block in the pyramid has another thing to go by. You know there's like industriousness and enthusiasm in all these important kind facets in in both basketball but also life and so donna campbell would also teach that and you know years later down the line. Jason snake is he goes on Junior college basketball at fort scott community college gets into comedy starts off in improv. In as it gets into improv comedy. He realizes that actually what he needs to be doing to these these actors. He's working with these other. Comedians is to be teaching them about john wooden pyramid success. I taught the pyramid of success to improv teams. I bring in a laminated poster. Like a frigging g. p. e. teacher and with a with a wet dry dry array race marker and just kind of like go through and be like why is it. Wise this matter rushing you also wrote about something that ted lasso says to a reporter at one point during the show. One of ted lassos classic. Bits of wisdom. I guess for me. Success is not about wins and losses is about helping these young films. It'd be the best versions of themselves on and off you. Do you hear some of donnie campbell's influence in that scene. I think so but i mean i think i think i hear you know every players coach every kind of high school coach who is trying to reach kids.

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